Find and Punish Criminals Who Decapitated Family’s Pets

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Target: Tammy Ven Dange, Chief Executive, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals, Australia

Goal: Demand swift action against those responsible for the beheading of six pet chickens.

A family recently discovered their pets dead after returning to their home after running errands to find a disturbing and bloody scene in their backyard. The Australian family, which kept six pet chickens, found the animals decapitated with their heads thrown across the area and into neighboring yards. So far, police suspect that the attackers gained access to the yard by climbing a back fence, and that the incident could be some form of sick “prank.”

Several studies have found that chickens show higher intelligence than human toddlers in many areas, including impulse control, numeracy, and basic structure. They can empathize with other animals that are in danger, showing signs of stress and fear when others around them are harmed. Scientists have found that their long term memory capabilities enable them to form long-lasting relationships with other animals and even humans.

Even though these animals were not traditional family pets, they suffered no less than a cat or dog would and their owners were no less traumatized than they would be had they lost a more conventional group of pets. Just as such brutality against a cat or dog would be, the cruel slaughter of these animals is currently being investigated by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). If found, the perpetrators of this shocking crime could face jail time. Sign the petition below to ask that the RSPCA do everything possible to find and prosecute those behind this vicious attack.


Dear Ms. Ven Dange,

Six pet chickens were recently found dead in a family backyard. The chickens were decapitated, with their heads strewn about neighboring yards in a bloody scene. These chickens were no less valued than a more conventional family pet would be, and this crime is a shocking affront to animal cruelty laws.

In order to protect the community in which the crime occurred, it is imperative that everything necessary is done to apprehend and punish those responsible. We, the undersigned, ask that the Royal Society for the Protection of animals does everything within its power to find these cruel offenders and punish them to the fullest extent of the law.


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Photo credit: Lip Kee Yap

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  1. Natasha polychuk says:

    those assholes should get their heads chopped off!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cecily Colloby says:

    I totally agree, Natasha!

  3. These PSYCHOPATHS must be found and severely punished before they commit any further atrocities. It’s reasonable to believe that these guys have not only committed similar animal cruelty crimes in the past, but will no doubt continue to do so …. unless they are brought to justice. All that said, I only wish it was up to me to decide the fate of these PSYCHOPATHS !!!!!!!!!

  4. A pet is a member of the family and the species doesn’t matter. Whether it is a cat, dog, chicken, horse, etc. is insignificant. It is loved the same and deserves the same rights and protections.


  6. What you ask in the petition is EXACTLY WHAT authorities ARE ALREADY doing in Australia .
    RSPCA Australia and LOCAL POLICE, are already working on the case of decapitated chickens…They ARE ALREADY doing their JOBS….they are looking for the thugs who committed that crime….ONLY local people can help find them….excuse me…what is the point of a petition ASKING the SAME authorities to do WHAT they ARE already doing ? Because people think that without a petition for EACH case INVESTIGATED ALREADY by police, the LAWS will NOT be applied ?

  7. These Bastards that did this to the chickens deserve to have their heads cut off while the others watch on. Get these bastards and give them the worst possible sentence you can. You are a cruel country for what you do to animals it is a shame people get off to bloody lightly.

  8. the idea of “intelligence” should not be at the forefront of why we should show compassion to anyone else. After all how “intelligent” is a human infant, a person in a vegetative state or someone who is developmentally disabled?

  9. William Eaves says:

    I have around 50 pet chickens, they are lovely creatures. These murderers need to be brought to justice.

  10. Authorities MUST take crimes against animals seriously — whatever the case, take these sociopaths off the streets & lock him up — WHO do they think they are — these idiots do NOT have the RIGHT — find them and throw them in jail.


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