Resume Fur-Free Policy at Popular Department Store


Target: Holly Whitman, Head of Fashion at Harvey Nichols

Goal: Uphold store’s previous commitment to stop selling real fur.

A British department store has gone back on their promise to stop selling fur after they listened to public protest in 2004 and removed all fur and fur-trimmed items from stock. Two years ago, Harvey Nichols decided to “review [their] fur policy” and announced that from that season onward they would be “stocking fur trimmed products.”

They attempted to assure customers that “the fur used is ethically sourced and humanely farmed,” despite the fact that killing and skinning animals to steal their fur in the name of fashion can never be considered ethical or humane. Fur sold in the department store is made from raccoons, rabbits, foxes and coyotes among other animals that are beaten, electrocuted, poisoned or gassed. No slaughter laws protect animals in fur farms and producers’ main concern is to keep the pelts intact, so killing methods are often slow and excruciating. Animals raised for fur spend their short, sad lives confined into cramped and filthy wire cages.

Harvey Nichols has attempted to pacify protesters by mentioning that the fur it sells comes from “Origin Assured” farms. However, this label was created by the fur industry itself in an attempt to regain customers after years of plummeting sales. A PETA exposé entitled “Cruelty Assured” revealed that animals in Origin Assured fur farms suffer the same unimaginable cruelty as animals on regular fur farms.

The investigation found animals suffering from neglect, extreme thirst and starvation while many had untreated bloody wounds. Others were rendered mad by confinement and were driven to self-mutilation. As for slaughtering methods, these were no more “humane” than those listed above, with anal electrocution being common practice.

With Harvey Nichols being largely influential in the world of fashion, it is crucial to get them to return to their fur-free ways. If this department store is allowed to get away with selling fur from tortured animals with minimal public protest, this paves the way for other companies to do the same. Sign this petition urging Harvey Nichols to stop selling fur once and for all.


Dear Ms. Whitman,

After making a public pledge to stop selling fur in 2004, Harvey Nichols went back on that decision two years ago. Since then your department store has been selling products trimmed with the fur of rabbits, foxes, coyotes and raccoons. In these two years, concerned members of the public have made it evident that most consumers do not support skinning and killing innocent animals in the name of fashion. In fact, 95 percent of British people are against real fur.

While the company has made it known it uses Origin Assured fur sourced “ethically” and “humanely,” evidence shows that there is nothing ethical or humane about the way animals are treated in these fur farms. Much like in regular fur farms, animals in Origin Assured facilities are kept confined in cramped and filthy wire cages. When the time comes for their pelts to be taken, these animals are poisoned, gassed, or anally electrocuted.

Considering that Harvey Nichols spent almost a decade selling faux-fur products, it seems incomprehensible that the company would take a step backwards and return to the cruel and archaic practice of killing animals in the name of fashion. Please consider the innocent animals skinned for these products as well as the growing public aversion to real fur and return to a fur-free policy. I urge you to play your part in making sure that Harvey Nichols stops stocking fur once and for all.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Oikeutta eläimille

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    Holly Whitman, YOU are as guilty of animal cruelty as those who breed and torture these beautiful, innocent animals for their fur. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  2. Elizabeth Bona says:

    It’s absolutely disgusting, all these stores backtracking on being anti- fur. Why are they all doing this now? Boycott this shit store Harvey Nicholls. Teach them a lesson.

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