End Puppy Mills


Target: Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Pass legislation closing loophole in current Animal Welfare Act to prevent online sellers from employing abusive puppy mill breeding practices.

Current animal protection laws do not cover online sales because the laws were enacted prior to the invention of the internet. This loophole means thousands of puppies are born into the abusive puppy mill system. For these pups, life is spent in a cage without exercise or stimulation. Sometimes without sunlight or veterinary care. In these confined and close quarters, the pups often become ill and unsuspecting consumers who purchase them often wind up with high vet bills and broken hearts.

The Senate has allowed the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry to stifle a bill that would fill this loophole for nearly three years. Thousands more puppies have been born into suffering while S.395-Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act (PUPS) has languished.

The PUPS bill calls for simple reforms: Any breeder who sells, or plans to sell, more than 50 puppies per year directly to the public will have to be federally licensed and inspected and dogs at these facilities must be given the opportunity for at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. These reforms would not apply to smaller breeders who sell fewer than 50 dogs per year.

Sign the petition below to tell Congress that three years is way too long and that they must push this bill through to prevent any more puppies from suffering this cruel fate.


Dear Mr. McConnell,

Each year thousands of puppies are born into horrendous conditions that frequently leave them too ill for treatment. As a result, their unsuspecting new owners wind up with broken hearts and outrageous vet expenses. For nearly three years the Senate has had the opportunity to correct this, but instead they chose to slow S.395 to committee and allow it to languish there without further review or movement.

Animal lovers and activists across America are angry. The simple reforms called for in the PUPS legislation would require licensing and inspection for larger breeders and require daily exercise for dogs in these breeding facilities. Such changes do not demand more than a few minutes of discussion before being passed. Allowing such humane legislation to sit in committee for years is shameful and cruel.

We demand the PUPS act be immediately brought back to the Senate floor and voted upon without any further delay.


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Photo credit: PETA

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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    There are billions of unwanted pets sitting in shelters across the country. Breeders, all breeders should be shut down. They do not care about the animal’s, only the profit. Shame on them, living off the misery of cats and dogs!! Until the shelters are empty, breeding should be illegal!

  2. catherine jenereaux says:

    This has got to stop. Are you aware that some puppy mills sell the animals to ethnic restaurants such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwan, etc where the dogs are inhumanely slaughtered and eaten. Eating Dog is legal in many countries and these puppy mills don’t care who gets the dogs. STOP Puppy Mill altogether. Licensing means nothing. There is so much inbreeding taking place that the animals are not healthy and genetically prone to various diseases.

  3. anita culling says:


  4. I’m concerned that this bill does not cover enough and am therefore amazed that it hasn’t been passed yet. One problem is, even though they become licensed, they do not have enough inspectors to inspect all of the licensed facilities in the U.S. This happens in Los Angeles, where our euthanasia problem is out of control. LAAS (Los Angeles Animal Services) sells breeding licenses for $350. (Approximately 400/year). And no one checks on them. We see many dogs in our shelters who look like they’ve been surrendered after giving birth over and over-they are matted and filthy and sick, rotten teeth, full of fleas, and COMPLETELY unsocialized. I know, because I adopted one of them. She has been forever scarred and it’s a long slow process to bring her back from the horrors of her previous life. If you look on our Craig’s list, there are THOUSANDS of listings for puppies. PUPS is a start, but so much more needs to be done. (Like taking this entire process out of the hands of the USDA). Anything is better than nothing.

  5. Heather Brophy says:


  6. Outlaw puppy mills and put a moritorium on breeding. Over half a MILLION innocent animals are killed in shelters each year in the U.S. PLEASE STOP breeding animals!

  7. Ps please be kind spay and neuter your pets and DO NOT buy cats puppy’s or rabbits from any type of breeder. This action alone will go a long way to end the suffering of innocent animals. Let’s just not sell ANY living creatures anymore. Leave animals alone!

  8. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Asking anyone in the GOP to care about anything other than themselves is like asking Japan to care about dolphins.

  9. How can any sane & compassionate society ALLOW puppy mills — this is clearly a no-brainer — let’s STOP the suffering & torture of animals NOW!

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