Yorkie Dog Beaten Almost to Death Deserves Justice


Target: Channing D. Phillips, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia

Goal: Prosecute woman who allegedly almost beat small Yorkie to death.

A 6-pound Yorkie was allegedly beaten by its owner. We need to take action to better ensure the person responsible gets the maximum prison sentence so that other animals will be less likely to meet the same fate.

Kristina Washington allegedly beat her Yorkie and then failed to provide it with medical care. The dog was hit numerous times in various areas of its body and it now has multiple fractures. Some of these fractures include 11 spinal fractures, five limb fractures, multiple fractures to its skull, four broken ribs and a broken foot. The dog’s left leg was also broken so many times that a part of the bone actually absorbed into the body tissue, making it less likely that the leg will properly heal.

Surgeries done on the animal have already cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the dog needs many more surgeries and the animal may not be able to be saved.

Urge the United States Attorney to bring this woman up on two felony counts for this alleged crime, so that she will likely have to spend 10 years in prison. Beating a 6-pound animal is both disgusting and inexcusable.


Dear Attorney Phillips,

A woman allegedly nearly beat a small Yorkie to death. If found guilty, it is important that she is punished to the fullest extent of the law so that other animals will not have to suffer under her ownership.

Kristina Washington reportedly beat her Yorkie and then did not get the dog medical care. The dog was beaten to such a great extent that it has multiple fractures. Some of these fractures include 11 spinal fractures, four broken ribs and even multiple fractures to the head.

Veterinarians are not yet able to guarantee that the animal can be saved. Furthermore, surgeries done to help the animal have already cost well over $10,000 and more money is still needed to do other surgeries.

As a United States Attorney, you have the power to bring this woman up on two felony charges in order to better ensure that she will spend 10 years in prison. I therefore urge you to do everything possible to make sure this woman is punished to the fullest extent of the law for committing this alleged, heinous crime. Anyone who almost kills a 6-pound defenseless animal by beating it deserves to spend a great deal of time in prison.


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Photo Credit: Mary Ann Barton

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  1. Marina Nemchinova says:

    I have three dogs and one of them is a Yorkie. I can’t imagine someone being so pathetic as to inflict so pain on a small, helpless animal. I guess it makes her feel powerful to know that she can gain up on an animal that’s only six pounds.

    That lady needs to be locked up in prison. She’s a threat to society – what if she gets her hands on a kid? What’s stopping her from abusing her own kids?

  2. Stephanie Geyser says:

    This human filth is likely to be 25x bigger than a 6 lb dog. I’d LOVE to watch this human vermin being beaten almost to death by something 25x bigger than she is.

  3. Child abusers often start with animal abuse. If this woman can do this to a dog, she’s a serious contender to progress on to abusing children, who are just as vulnerable (and unable to fight back) as animals are. Prison-time is the only way to protect society from her – unfortunately not permanently, but at least for 10 years.

  4. with horrid stories like this perhaps it`s time to RE-CONSIDER
    EXTREME & HARSH penallties for ANIMAL CRUELTY. In this case
    a proper public hanging would work!!

  5. justice for this great dog now.


  7. Sara Smith says:

    Actually this petition is not being given the prominence it merits by the organisers I’m sorry to say. It should have 100,000 signatures on it by now!

  8. These cruel & barbaric acts perpetrated by this imbecile-monster on her yorkie pet is beyond words — Christina Washington should NEVER AGAIN own dogs or other animals – this individual committed brutal crimes continually against this helpless animal — Christina Washington’s punishment should be severe — along with her punishment, throw her into a rubber room for evaluations — society does NOT want repeats of such crimes against animals — her jail sentence should be lengthy along with a stiff fine — she must NEVER own animals again — obviously, she’s a huge danger to them.

  9. maryke heath says:

    Krisina, Kristina, Kristina. What on earth went wrong in your miserable life. Beat on someone who can at least tell you you’ve broken their spine and bones. Learn to love yourself before you get another helpless, defenceless dog.
    Low class is difficult to get rid of and only you can do it.
    Enrol at a shelter and do some charity work – turn your life around, girl – South Africa

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