Stop Allowing Show Horses to Be Tortured


Target: Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam 

Goal: Ban Tennessee Walking Horse shows for which horses are routinely abused.

Horse trainers routinely put nails under their animals’ hoof pads and wrap their legs in chains dipped in acid to prepare them for the Tennessee Walking Horse shows. The aim is to achieve the exaggerated high-stepping gait known as the “Big Lick.” In this practice known as “soring,” trainers intentionally inflict pain on horses in order for it to be so painful for them to put their hooves down that they immediately pull them up again, higher and faster depending on the amount of pain.

The practice commonly involves using caustic chemicals on the hooves and legs to burn the flesh and cause painful blisters and scars, making horses wear heavy chains or shoes and inserting nails and screws under their hooves. Investigations have also revealed trainers beating their horses and using cattle prods to achieve the artificial walk they desire.

“Soring” was made illegal in 1970, yet Walking Horse trainers have continued their systematic abuse, simply finding new ways to mask “soring” and inflict pain. In 2006, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) started enforcing surprise inspections and disqualifications due to public outcry at the cruelty of the practice. Nonetheless, trainers carried on their cruel practices undeterred. As recently as this year, an investigation led by the Humane Society of the United States at the ThorSport Farm in Tennessee—one of the major barns training walking horses—revealed that this illegal activity lingers persistently.

The largest of these shows is the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, comprising eleven days of competitions in which suffering horses are made to perform. In 2013, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the USDA found that a whopping 67 percent of all horses competing in the show tested positive for substances meant to mask “soring” practices.

In light of this, it is clear that as long as these competitions continue, trainers will find ways to “sore” their horses. No animal should be made to suffer for the sake of a blue ribbon. Sign this petition urging Tennessee to put an end to their cruel Walking Horse shows, starting with the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.


Dear Governor Haslam,

A recent investigation by the Humane Society of the United States found that the practice of “soring” Walking Horses runs rampant despite having been rendered illegal in 1970. This practice involves causing extreme pain to horses in order to achieve the exaggerated high-stepping gait called the “Big Lick.”

Horses are routinely made to wear heavy objects such as chains dipped in caustic chemicals, leaving painful blisters and scars on their flesh. Nails stuck into their hoof pads are meant to make stepping down so excruciating that they pick their hooves right back up, higher and faster depending on the degree of pain they feel. In extreme cases, they are beaten and jabbed with cattle prods.

Most people may believe that these practices are the exception, not the rule, but a 2013 USDA investigation proves otherwise. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the USDA found that a whopping 67 percent of all horses competing in the Tennessee Walking Horses National Celebration tested positive for substances meant to cover up “soring.” It is clear that as long as there are Walking Horses shows, this barbaric practice will endure.

No animal should suffer for the sake of entertainment. I urge you to put an end to these cruel Walking Horse shows, including the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.


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Photo credit: USDA

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  1. Gloria Allen says:

    This soring is so unbelievably cruel and painful – I say that first this needs to be banned NOW – and the low-life’s who have done this to horses should go to prison – and while they are there (for no less than 10 years) – that each of these torturers needs to get soared in the same way they did this to innocent animals. Then, when they get out of prison, each torturer must for free – give lectures to schools etc on the horrors of soaring. Maybe that would stop this brutality against gentle animals by thugs. If I were a judge – that would be my sentence for each torturer.

  2. You see, people?…there is not ONE form of forcible exploitation of any type of animal that isn’t rooted in pure evil of human character. That’s why they’re ALL wrong, every one of them. Horses are such sensitive beings, it makes me writhe in heart-pain to think of all the heinous abuse and torture mankind subjects them to, including, but surely not limited, to “soring.” “Mankind” is the best example of an oxymoron I can think of. And is it any wonder American “southerners” are so scorned? Get RID of this sordid event and all the abuse that goes hand-in-hoof with it!

    I know where they can put all these nails & chemicals… up their arseholes would be a good start…
    This is ANIMAL TORTURE!!!!!

  4. When will the cruel abuse of these horses stop — how long has it been —

    We need NOT be entertained at the expense of these beautiful animals — society wants the gruesome suffering inflicted on these horses to stop — to finally come to a complete STOP.

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