Prevent Raccoon Dog Fur from Being Used in Fashion

Raccoon dog standing in the grass

Target: David B. Robbins, Director of the Federal Trade Commission

Goal: Rename raccoon dogs and protect its fur under the Dog and Cat Fur Protection Act.

There are 90,000 raccoon dogs farmed worldwide for their fur. Between 30 and 40 raccoon dogs are slaughtered for just one fur coat. The main issue is how these animals are raised, their care, and their slaughter. The animals live in cramped, feces-covered cages and most show signs of physical or mental illness. Dead raccoon dogs are used as feed for the live dogs. Speak up now to save raccoon dogs from suffering and slaughter.

The raccoon dog is monogamous, lives for six or seven years, and is native to East Asia. Raccoon dogs are social animals who live in small groups. While there are some physical resemblances to raccoons, their skeletal structure most closely resembles canines.

There are no current U.S. laws concerned with fur farming. There is a Fur Products Labeling Act that requires garments to be properly labelled. There is also a Dog and Cat Fur Protection Act that prohibits the import, export, and sale of dog and cat fur. The raccoon dog is not covered by these laws due to its classification as a raccoon rather than as a dog in the “Fur Products Name Guide,” a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) register that defines the true English names of hair, fleece, and fur-bearing animals. Animal rights proponents claim the animal is a member of the Canidae family, thus entitling it to protection with other canines under the Dog and Cat Fur Protection Act.

The fur industry routinely refers to raccoon dogs as Asiatic raccoons, deceiving consumers into believing they are purchasing a garment with raccoon fur. Raccoon dogs’ fur is also often identified as fake fur to deceive consumers. The fur is also used for trim on garments, accessories, and footwear, such as faux Uggs.


While their lives are filled with misery, their deaths are even more deplorable. Raccoon dogs are killed in fur markets through electrocution from the charge in a car battery. On the farm, workers remove animals from their cages and bludgeon them with metal rods. Even if still conscious, they are flipped on their backs and skinned alive. Some of these brutalized animals do not immediately die, yet lie there in agony until they take their last, labored breath. China supplies over half of the finished fur garments on sale in the United States. Even if garments are manufactured in Europe, it is likely that the fur used came from a fur farm in China.

The raccoon dog deserves to be named its true English name so that it may enjoy the same protections as its distant relatives under the Dog and Cat Fur Protection Act. Naming this animal properly will decrease demand for products manufactured from its fur and make fur farms obsolete. By signing this petition, you will urge the FTC to name the raccoon dog after its English name to save countless raccoon dog lives.


Dear Director Robbins,

Raccoon dogs raised on fur farms in China lead lives filled with misery and torture. They are routinely subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment and die agonizing deaths. By not using an accurate English name on product labels, the fur industry is misleading and deceiving U.S. consumers.

The use of dog and cat fur is prohibited under the Dog and Cat Fur Protection Act, which uses the “Fur Products Name Guide” to determine products that are acceptable for manufacturing use. The raccoon dog is more closely related to canines than raccoons and they should not be used in fur manufacturing.

The demand for raccoon dog products would be greatly reduced if they were renamed, leading to a decreased need for raccoon dog fur farms in China. We, the undersigned, urge you to rename the Asiatic raccoon and classify it by its rightful name – the raccoon dog. Please help prevent the needless suffering and torment of raccoon dogs.


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Photo Credit: Kswani221

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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    NO ANIMALS should be killed for their fur or skins!!!!

  2. fur is worn best by animals now.

  3. catherine jenereaux says:

    China China China, DISGUSTING with no compassion for animal life of any kind. Country that says it banned the Yulin Dog Eating Festival but in June 2015, 15,000 dogs were eaten after they were boiled alive, skinned and or burned with torches. People need to stop buying garments with any kind of fur on it. The consumer dictates the demand. Wake up consumers. Stop buying products from CHINA. Ask questions. Stop contributing to the torture, abuse and slaughter of animals. China will never change. We need to change them.

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