Save Rare White Deer from Certain Death


Target: Varick Town Supervisor Bob Hayssen

Goal: Protect rare white deer from certain death by purchasing land around the old Seneca Army Depot to utilize as an eco-park.

Hundreds of rare white deer who roam freely at the 7,000-acre Seneca Army Depot in New York could face certain death when the land goes up for sale soon. The white deer have been able to thrive in the area surrounding the abandoned army depot thanks to a fence that has helped protect them from predators.

The Seneca Army Depot has the largest known population of the white deer. If the buyer of the depot land takes down the fence, the deer aren’t expected to survive for long due to predators and hunters.

Many groups are fundraising to buy some of the land to keep as a protected area for the deer and to turn into a tourist attraction, as the deer are a popular attraction among visitors. Bob Aronson, Executive Director of the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency, is selling the land and has made an offer to the town of Varick that they can have the land that falls within their borders for a dollar so long as they market it themselves.

Varick Town Supervisor Bob Hayssen said they are considering the deal and would turn 1,000 acres into an eco-park for the deer. Urge Varick officials to save the rare white deer by taking this deal and turning the land into an eco-park safe haven for the deer.


Dear Town Supervisor Hayssen,

Hundreds of rare white deer that make up the largest known white deer population have been able to thrive within the protected area of the 7,000-acre Seneca Army Depot. If the wrong buyer gets their hands on that land, it could be the end of the white deer there.

These rare deer are awe-inspiring to locals and visitors and deserve a chance to survive and thrive. The deal you have been offered by Bob Aronson would allow the deer to do just that. I urge you to save the rare white deer by taking this deal and turning the land into an eco-park safe haven for the deer.


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Photo credit: Adrian Korte

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  1. Signez tous

  2. Please don’t destroy these beautiful animals. They are bothering nothing, and besides that, humans have taken all animals’ habitat and then they wonder why they’re coming around humans & their homes, etc. Leave these deer alone & let them live in peace~~that’s all they ask of you, and I am sure you would want the same thing for yourselves~~just to live in peace. They are not in your way~you are in their way, so just leave them alone. If humans had their way about all animals, there would be none left, and they were not put here to be wiped out by humans. They were put here to coexist on this earth, so that is what you need to let them do. There is room enough for all. The earth is not ours to take away & do with as we please.

  3. Keep me informed please! I’ll chip in to help preserve this land! It could be a great eco-tourist attraction which will also help the local economy.

  4. Clearly saving these beautiful creatures should be first on the agenda. An eco-park with protective borders sounds perfect. However it appears what’s on the table is a reduction of 6000 acres. Hopefully an appropriate arrangement will be made in favour of the deers.

  5. What is the thinking here? Why would anyone in their right mind eliminate this worthy and beautiful specie? I’m telling you….humans are a piece of work!

  6. What does RARE mean? Save them please. This is getting out of hand, to MURDER a White deer which will be extinct because of the constant killing.

  7. Teresa cohen says:

    Humanity is ruining nature. Stop the killing before these majestic animals become extinct. Stop taking away their grazing land and hiding places in the woods where they can feel safe.

  8. catherine jenereaux says:

    The town of Varick has the opportunity to take the 1,000 acres and turn it into a sanctuary. What thought needs to go into this? The developer is offering the land to Varick. I would go back and get the developer to give 2,000 acres. Varick you have an opportunity here to make a difference. Set an example, be the town that shows compassion to wildlife, STAND OUT. This is our opportunity to shine. There are many who will contribute to whatever costs it incurs.

  9. We MUST protect our natural world along with its residents, its wildlife == our planet NEEDS our natural eco-system along with its white deer and all other wildlife.

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