Arrest Man Who Allegedly Shot and Killed Dog


Target: New Hampshire’s State Representative, John Tholl
Goal: Arrest a man who brought his dog into the woods, shot him multiple times, then left him to rot and die.

Ryan Landry is a New Hampshire man who allegedly committed a tragic crime but is walking free of any punishment due to the lack of laws providing justice for his wrongdoings. Landry got upset with his dog, Bruno, after the dog bit his children. He then allegedly proceeded to take the dog and his gun out into the middle of the woods to end the dog’s life. Landry reportedly shot the dog multiple times and then left the dog’s body to rot.

Dog aggression is common and not the animal’s fault. There are many humane paths to take to solve this problem, including dog classes. However, Landry’s first resort was to violently shoot the dog. New Hampshire determined him a free man due to their lack of laws that provide legal sense in a situation like this. The State Representative stated that a lot of people do at-home euthanasia by shooting their dogs.

Bruno deserves justice for his undeserved death. No dog should have such an inhumane and cruel death because of loopholes in the system. Sign this petition and demand that Landry be arrested for this alleged despicable crime.


Dear Representative Tholl,

I am writing to you because I am deeply disturbed by the crime committed by a New Hampshire man, Ryan Landry. Landry got angry after his dog Bruno bit his children, which is completely understandable. The events that followed are not understandable. Landry allegedly got his gun and the dog, drove to the middle of the woods, shot the dog multiple times, and then left him to rot and die.

Landry is walking free of charges following his crime because of the lack of laws regarding people who kill their own dogs. There is no reason a man should be able to shoot an innocent animal and leave it to die without being punished. As the head of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, I urge you to push for laws on these crimes and arrest this man.


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Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe

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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    How is murdering your dog not a crime in New Hampshire? This man clearly has anger issues, and took them out on his poor dog!!! Were his kids hurting the dog? Were they just playing? Bruno did not desrve to be shot 4 TIMES!!! Please, arrest this bastard and lock him up!!!!!

  2. The aggression by the dog maybe due to abuse from the owner. He is the one who needs to change not the dog maybe.

  3. Georgina R. Forester says:

    No dog will bite without provocation or to protect itself. Did this sub-human ask his children if they had hurt or provoke him? This sub-human cretin the obviously has super anger issues and does NOT hesitate to murder/kill any animal. He shoul be charged with aggravated, inhumane assault, fined and put in jail for a long time. Should be prohibited to ever having any animal.

  4. It is almost ALWAYS the fault/s of the humans who ‘own’ animals, NOT the fault of those animals. Humans are notoriously stupid, ignorant, self-absorbed, and indifferent wastes of space. The laws have to stop supporting these POS and do RIGHT by their victims. And we need to DEMAND such change!

  5. This cruel & barbaric method of handling a problem that easily can be remedied is very telling — Ryan Landry should NEVER AGAIN own dogs or other animals — to own animals, one must be caring & loving & knowledgeable, AND emotionally & psychologically stable — clearly Ryan Landry committed a brutal crime — the abuse & murder of a dog — for no reason whatsoever — such typical dog issues can easily be remedied by those who KNOW all about dogs — Ryan Landry’s punishment should be severe — we do NOT want repeats of such crimes against animals — his jail sentence should be lengthy along with a stiff fine — he must NEVER own animals again — with friends like this, who needs enemies! — BY THE WAY, what lesson was learned here? — One more thing, HOW are Ryan Landry’s children?

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