Stop Cruel Commercial Whaling Industry

Humpback Whale Breech

Target: King Harald V of Norway

Goal: End the practice of commercial whaling.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) introduced a ban on commercial whaling in 1986. However, Norway continues to practice whaling under protest of the ban. Norway broke the moratorium in 1993 and has killed nearly 6,900 minke whales since that time. Whale hunting is a cruel and inhumane process. Grenade harpoons are generally used to slaughter the animals. Also, the imprecise nature of hunting a moving animal from a moving ship causes the animal to endure a long, slow, and painful death. We must take action now to stop the whaling industry in Norway.

More than 2,000 whales are slaughtered every year by Norway, Iceland, and Japan. Despite an international ban, these three countries still trade in whale products. Before the ban, nearly 16,000 whales were killed annually in the Antarctic alone. The blue whale population has not recovered from this culling. There are only an estimated 3,000 blue whales remaining, down from 220,000 worldwide.

Whales have been hunted commercially for thousands of years. They were hunted for meat, blubber, and oil. Certain types of whales were butchered for ambergris, which is in high demand by perfume manufacturers. Whale populations have decreased significantly due to over-hunting and many species are on the endangered species list. Beluga whales have become endangered due to loss of habitat caused by humans.

The whaling industry is in decline with the demand for whale meat almost non-existent. Whale products are also used in cosmetics, health supplements, and whale meal feed. Historically, whale products have been used to make oil, transmission fluid, candles, corsets, tools, food, and cleaning products. As the whaling industry declined, the whale watching industry has boomed, becoming nearly a $1 billion industry employing thousands of workers.

Many whale species are currently endangered. They have been hunted nearly to the brink of extinction. When they are killed for commercial purposes, they suffer long, slow, and inhumane deaths. By signing this petition, you will urge King Harald V of Norway to prohibit commercial whaling. Please sign the petition and save the whales.


Dear King Harald,

Commercial whaling is an industry that is passed its prime. The demand for whale meat, blubber, and oil has decreased significantly as the outrage over whale slaughter has grown. Whales are gentle giants and many species are currently endangered.

The 1986 ban on commercial whaling by the International Whaling Commission seeks to save the whales and ensure that they do not become extinct. The grenade harpoons used to slaughter the whales cause them to suffer long, slow, and torturous deaths. It is cruel and inhumane for humans to profit over the suffering of these mighty creatures.

We, the undersigned, urge you to terminate Norway’s commercial whaling operations. The ocean ecosystems rely on these animals and they deserve to naturally live out their lives in peace. Please ban the murder of these magnificent creatures.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Michael Peak

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  1. must ban all cruel hunts on these endangered whales now.

  2. Kjersti Mari Gunnberg says:

    This petition has a lot of wrong facts! Norway is permitted to keep whaling because the whales will take over our seas if we dont controll the population. In the norwegian sea there are still a lot of whales and none of them are endangered.

  3. And here I thought Norway was civilized. They don’t have the death penalty for mass murderers of humans, but they allow death for thousands of innocent whales.

  4. Fucking Norwegians and fuck their propaganda.

  5. Heather Brophy says:


  6. BRUTALLY HORRIFIC — needless and unnecessary — our oceans NEED our whales — our planet NEEDS its whales — STOP making excuses in order to line your pockets — LEAVE THE WHALES ALONE — LET THEM LIVE! === There are other ways to earn a living!

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