Stop Killing Raccoon Dogs to Make Hats


Target: Darrell Kopke, CEO of Kit and Ace

Goal: Do not brutally murder animals for fur.

A Canadian company allegedly tortures and kills canines in order to add unnecessary material to clothing. We need to take action to better ensure these animals are treated humanely. The company is accused of crowding animals in cages that are too small, stepping on them with force, and mercilessly skinning them alive. It is pretty disgusting to realize that animals are likely being tortured for the sole purpose of making fashionable hats.

The company, Kit and Ace, is reportedly making hats with pom-poms that are made out of Asian raccoon. The Asian raccoon, also known as a raccoon dog, is actually part of the canine family. According to the Vancouver Humane Society, the company is purposely placing the label “Asiatic raccoon” on their product labels so that people will be less likely to realize the animal is more closely related to the domestic dog than it is to the raccoon. They further explain that such knowledge would put a dent in sales.

Demand that this company not use animals to make their products and, if any animals are in company care, ensure that they be immediately released to a proper sanctuary. Many more innocent creatures may suffer if steps are not taken to ensure the safety of these innocent creatures.


Dear Mr. Kopke,

It has been alleged that your company is responsible for torturing and killing animals that belong to the canine family in order to use their fur for your products. It is more important that animals be treated humanely than it is for their fur to be used to make a fashion statement.

The Vancouver Humane Society surmises that your products are labeled as “Asiatic raccoon” because you don’t want people to realize the animal is more closely related to the domestic dog than it is to the raccoon.

It has also been reported that the animals you use to make your products in China are stuffed in cages that are too small and then allegedly stomped on and skinned alive. Terrorizing and killing animals to make hats is completely unacceptable.

If your company has any ethics at all, you will not allow animals to be killed for the purpose of making or designing clothes. I demand that you do not make any products out of fur and that you further release any animals under company care to a proper sanctuary. Animals deserve to live in a safe and tranquil environment, not to be worn on someone’s head and then tossed in the closet and forgotten about.


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Photo Credit: Pkuczynski

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  1. LEAVE THE RACCOONS DOGS ALONE — such sadistic monstrous acts against animals is immoral, unconscionable, merciless, insane — get some rationality — get some compassion — LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE — get with FAUX fur / FAKE fur — we do NOT need “animal fur” — we have choices — SHAME ON THOSE who mercilessly abuse & slaughter animals — STOP YOUR HORROR!

  2. wish the people that wore such stupid things just gave a moments thought to how ,the things are made and from what, and how these helpless animals are tortured skinned alive, have their fur ripped from their bodies, surely no one would want to wear such things then,

  3. Carolyn Taylor says:

    Stop killing raccoon dogs for their fur! It’s wrong to treat an animal in such a horrific manner!

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