Stop Inhumane Surgical De-Barking


Target: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, City Council Representative, Ang Mo Kio

Goal: Denounce irresponsible recommendations of cruel dog training measures

A Singapore housing unit handed out a notice to residents recommending surgical procedures to “de-bark” their dogs. The letter, mailed out in response to a noise complaint, recommended a surgical procedure where portions of a dog’s vocal cords are removed. The procedure is only semi-effective and used as a last resort by many veterinarians as it can cause pain to the animal for months and even years into the future.

The notice mentioned a disturbance report of a dog incessantly barking throughout the night, and stressed the importance of a quiet environment. It went on to mention several methods to control a dog’s barking, including shock training collars and surgical procedures. Pet owners and animal rights organizations alike were appalled at the suggestion of an invasive, ineffective, and painful surgery.

Surgical de-barking procedures remove a portion of a dog’s vocal cords, but do not stop a dog from barking. They can reduce the volume and the sharpness of barks, but a dog can still be heard for 20 meters after surgery, rendering it an ineffective solution for apartments. The procedure also does not reduce how often a dog may bark.

Shock collars for dogs can pose a serious health risk, causing changes in heart and breathing rates, and leading to possible gastrointestinal disorders. Several kennel clubs internationally have banned the devices, which can serve to further behavioral disorders with indiscriminate use.

The directors of a housing unit, who presumably have no degree in veterinary medicine, have no right to recommend invasive surgical procedures for pets. While encouraging good training for pets can be important in apartment complexes, it is irresponsible to suggest painful and ineffective measures to control noise. Your signature will condemn the housing unit’s move, which could result in unnecessary trauma to dogs.


Dear Mr. Lee Hsien Loong,

A housing unit in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore sent flyers to its residents recommending shock collars and invasive surgical procedures in order to reduce noise made by barking dogs. These methods can be ineffective and cause problems with both the physical and mental health of some dogs.

It is important not to pressure residents into unnecessary and harmful bark-reduction measures, and focus should instead be placed on proper training and care for pets. We, the undersigned, condemn your recommendation of shock collars and de-barking surgeries for residents’ pets.


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Photo credit: Nathan R. Yergler via Creative Commons

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  1. Just plain ignorance. What kind of a vet agrees to perform such ‘operations’ anyway?

  2. Tell you what let’s stop these idiots voice box you sick sorry heartless scumbags we need to be a voice for those who can’t speak also we need an animal abuse registry and for those who do this need to do life without parole

  3. Beverley Collins says:

    It’s a dog’s job to protect it’s owner & his/her property by barking furiously when they feel something is wrong. Now how can they do their job and earn their keep by doing that if you take away the only means they have of doing that. Why not instead take the trouble to train your dog properly.

  4. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    If I allow myself to think of all the ways innocent, sweet, helpless animals are abused, tortured, slaughtered by humans, I would be in a torrent of sobs all day and night until the end of my days. I feel so ineffectual just signing petitions, protesting, stickering, donating, doing these teeny things, in the face of insurmountable ignorance, callousness, and just plain evil.

  5. Michael Lynn says:

    And they should have their own tongue cut out who do, or imagine to do such things to silence a dog from barking (or for any other cause). How vile and gross minded you are and worthless to both God and man, you who think such things. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; will he turn his eyes away and not take vengeance to recompense you according to your works? Surely you take root and flourish for a time but suddenly you will be cut down in your wickedness.

  6. This “housing unit” sounds like some of our power-hungry “homeowner associations”. Maybe they should “de-bark” the people running it.

  7. There is a reason for dogs to bark !!!!

  8. jaclyn bisanz says:

    the entire practice of de-barking is disgusting & inhumane

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