Apologize to Woman for Unnecessary Arrest

Sad Dog Lying Down

Target: Ron Hickman, Harris County, Sheriff

Goal: Publicly apologize to woman you arrested for displaying pictures of a supposedly abused dog online.

A woman called several government agencies to report a dog on a balcony wearing a diaper with something also tied tightly around its mouth. Since nobody originally came to see if the dog was OK, she posted pictures of the animal on social media and was later arrested for refusing to take them down. We need to take action to better ensure this lady gets a full apology from the sheriff for allegedly acting in such an unnecessary manner.

Amber Cammack spent 14 hours behind bars after being brought up on what officers called an electronic harassment charge. By posting pictures that seemed to show the dog suffering and refusing to take them down from public view, she was somehow harassing the person who was keeping the dog on the balcony. Although the charges were later dropped, Cammack did not deserve to be treated in this deplorable manner.

While the SPCA of Houston and other investigators later said they did not find any signs of abuse, the lady brought enough exposure to the issue for animal activists to start fighting on the dog’s behalf. Because of her quick thinking, a potentially abused animal may eventually be rescued.

Demand the sheriff apologize to Cammack for making this alleged wrongful arrest. She did not harm or steal the animal and she certainly did not deserve to be treated like a criminal for bringing awareness to its ongoing and heartbreaking plight.


Dear Sheriff Hickman,

After Amber Cammack refused to take pictures down of a dog wearing a diaper on a balcony and having a string tied around its mouth, you arrested her. Since she was only trying to bring awareness to what most people would say is the obvious, she deserves an apology for having to spend time in jail.

Amber Cammack likely would not have posted the pictures if someone would have come out to check on the dog after she reported the incident to several government agencies. In fact, if she hadn’t posted pictures of the dog on social media, it is likely that nobody would have ever come out to determine if the animal needed help.

The real person who many people feel should have been arrested is the lady who allegedly made a helpless animal stay outside all day on a balcony wearing a diaper with something tied tightly around its mouth. Instead, the woman who took pictures of the animal in this horrible state was surprisingly charged with electronically harassing the person who seemed to be abusing the animal. Although the charges were later dropped, she should have never been arrested in the first place.

I therefore urge you to apologize to Amber Cammack and to continue looking for evidence that indicates the animal is or may have possibly been abused. No animal deserves to be treated so coldly and someone trying to help a truly distressed dog does not deserve to be treated like a common criminal.


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Photo Credit: epSos.de

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  1. Natasha polychuk says:

    stop punishing kind people !!!!!! the animal sitter should be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The woman who posted the pictures of an dog abused by an abusive baby sitter, and, probably, an abusive owner, should not have been arrested!

    The baby sitter and owner are the guilty ones.

    Ms. Cammack was trying to save the dog and bring attention to his plight. The dog had been left out on a balcony for hours, wearing a diaper and something tied tightly around his mouth, so that he couldn’t bark.

    What in the hell is wrong with Sheriff Hickman?!
    Amber Cammack was treated unconscionably and deserves a public apology!

    A thorough, ethical and honest investigation needs to be done–by an objective 3rd party.

  3. She deserves a medal and those in Authority are as guilty of abuse for siding with the dogs owners who should have been jailed and tortured to death. Its always the wrong person who is made to suffer for the cruelty and stupidity of others.

  4. Cecily Colloby says:

    What is it with the dimwitted police in the USA??? Every 5 minutes they appear to be randomly shooting harmless and much loved pet dogs on the grounds they felt “threatened” by them, they refuse to look into real animal cruelty (such as the dog on the balcony) and then-surprise, surprise!!-they arrest a woman who is actually trying to HELP the dog who THEY refuse to help!!!I thought our own police in the UK were fairly useless, but this really takes the biscuit!!

  5. Elaine Hutzelman says:

    I live in Houston where this happened. If I had seen what this neighbor lady had seen, I would have reported it as well. Why is the dog left on the balcony, regardless of the weather, and what did she use to prevent it from barking?
    This is totally unacceptable treatment of a sentient being and certainly not being treated humanely. Hooray for the lady and thumbs down on the new sherrif in town- not a good start in his new position.

  6. There was at least someone who cares about helpless animals!
    Is it not better to err than to ignore possible mistreatment of an animal?

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