Put NFL Player’s Pet Monkey in Wildlife Sanctuary

Target: Carmen Humble, Administrative Assistant for Code Enforcement, DeSoto, Texas

Goal: Move baby monkey from football player’s home to an accredited sanctuary.

Dez Bryant, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, has acquired a baby monkey. The NFL star first posted a picture to his Instagram to publicly announce his new pet. However, in order to have a monkey, the owner must obtain a special use permit. Dez Bryant is not eligible for this permit. Take action now to demand that this monkey live a life in a wildlife sanctuary and not in the hands of Dez Bryant.

The monkey, now called Dallas, is a capuchin monkey. Wild capuchin monkeys live in groups with up to 20 other monkeys of both sexes and spend much of their time swinging in the tree tops. They are very territorial animals and their range is usually about 80 to 200 acres. In addition, capuchin monkeys do not leave their group until they reach sexual maturity. Dallas was clearly torn away from his mother at too young of an age.

Dallas should not spend the next 50 years of his life trapped in a house. PETA has already contacted a sanctuary in Dallas, Texas that is willing to take Dallas. He would be surrounded by other monkey companions and able to play outdoors, like a typical capuchin monkey. Sign this petition and demand that local authorities take action and move Dallas to the sanctuary.


Dear Ms. Humble,

Dez Bryant, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, has recently acquired an infant capuchin monkey. Mr. Bryant posted a photo to the popular social media outlet, Instagram, to make the announcement of his new pet. However, Mr. Bryant is not legally allowed to own a capuchin monkey. A special permit is required in order to legally own a capuchin monkey and private individuals cannot obtain this permit.

Wild capuchin monkeys live in groups with up to 20 other monkeys. They are highly intelligent animals who need lots of social and mental stimulation. This cannot be found in a human’s home. Capuchin monkeys spend much of their time in tree tops, guarding their territory that is usually about 80 to 200 acres.

Dallas, the name given to Mr. Bryant’s monkey, should not be subjected to living the rest of his life inside a human’s home. The animal rights organization, PETA, has already contacted an accredited sanctuary in Dallas, Texas that is willing to take Dallas. At the sanctuary, Dallas would be surrounded by monkey companions and be able to explore the outdoors like capuchin monkeys should do. I am urging you to please take action to help this infant monkey live a happy and healthy life.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dez Bryant

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  1. Natasha polychuk says:

    99 percent of millionaires are evil!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This guy is an idiot..obviously a “me” person who thinks because he has money he can buy a wild animal with no consideration for it.Wild animals should not be imprisoned at someone’s whim.. they are not for our entertainment

    • Nancy Hunter says:

      You are so right j. wilde, wild animals don’t make good pets. When the cute baby reaches sexual maturity and is no longer cute AND becomes dangerous, it will spend the rest of its life in a cold, lonely cage. Dez Bryant needs to grow up.

  3. How did he get the monkey in first place? What go on ebay or amazon and order it? You can quite clearly see in the photo this animal is frightened and way too young to be awy from its mother but as he is a soo called player this will be brushed under the carpet America is such a disgrace to the world.

  4. I have 2friends that have raised monkeys from infants and they are happy and healthy! Just saying!!

  5. I don’t feel that the monkey should be removed if he is a responsible pet owner. Beside I don’t trust PETA, from all the horrible things they have done and bad reputation. That is way I won’t sign.

  6. All monkeys have a tendency to bite and throw temper tantrums. This is how people with chimps get themselves into trouble trying to turn them into humans when they are not. Monkeys have fingers that they use just like we do to grab onto things as they swing about in trees. As they swing they can leave a trail of monkey poo right behind them like they do in their cages at the zoo which are cleaned up by zoo personnel this is what anyone that buys a monkey will have to be doing all of the monkeys life unless you want to be trying to put a diaper on a full grown capuchin monkey that don’t want to wear it.

  7. Another ignorant human who thinks that this is cute or novel or trendy. Where is this little creature’s mother Dez. Who bred this momma and stold her baby from her so you could “be cool”? Shame on the whole bunch of you. This little monkey should live with others in an appropriate environment. This little monkey won’t besides sweet when it becomes an adult, then what will happen, remove its teeth so it can’t bite you, cruelly confine it? Cone on, grow up, get a cat or dog.

  8. Transfer this sweetie Dallas to a Sanctuary where he can share his life with his family & friends, where he can be happy, healthy & comfortable — you must place the needs and wants of Dallas first on your priority list — PLEASE!

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