Save Dog from Neglectful and Abusive Owner


Target: Devon Anderson, Houston District Attorney

Goal: Rescue dog from abusive and neglectful conditions and investigate and punish applicable parties.

In a small community in Houston, TX, neighbors have been unable to rescue this dog from horrendous conditions, despite numerous attempts. According to a recent article in The Dodo and posts on a dog rescue Facebook page, this animal is never taken for walks. Instead, the poor pup is tied up on a second level balcony style porch all day where its bowel and bladder movements leak onto the neighbor below. When this was mentioned to the dog’s owner, the dog was fitted with a diaper.

Likely as a result of these filthy living conditions, the dog whines. Neighbors surmise that the owner doesn’t like this as the dog has been seen with both old phone cord and thick rubber bands wrapped around its snout. Police and the Harris County Animal Control have been contacted numerous times but to no avail, nor is there any explanation from either of these authorities as to why the dog is allowed to remain in such deplorable conditions. Instead, it appears that neighbors concerns are shrugged off. In a YouTube video, officers can be heard telling a neighbor not to worry about it, stating that the man didn’t know how to care for dogs but they’ve explained it to him.

No living creature deserves to suffer in this manner. Tell the District Attorney to strongly suggest an investigation into all parties involved and demand the highest punishment for those found guilty. We must act now to save this innocent and neglected dog.


Dear District Attorney Anderson,

The community of The Villas of Westador Condominiums in Houston needs your help. According to reports, they’ve tried on numerous occasions to work through proper channels to rescue an abused and neglected dog and seek punishment of the owner. None of these attempts have succeeded and, in some cases, may have caused the dog further abuse.

Neighbors have tried everything from confronting the owner to calling rescue organizations and police. They have not been heard and the dog continues to languish in its own filth, which is held close to its body by a diaper and is unable to drink, eat, or clean itself due its mouth being held closed with either phone cord or rubber bands. This dog has suffered enough and needs to be rescued immediately. We demand that its owner be punished and the authorities who’ve neglected their responsibility to save it must be investigated and charged accordingly.


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Photo credit: Amber Cammack

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  1. Please intervene on behalf of this dog!!!! Do your job!!! Speak for this animal and get him out of his miserable situation!!!!

  2. Natasha polychuk Natasha polychuk says:

    sadistic a holes should be locked up!!

  3. call LOCAL humane societies and im sure they will come out on behalf of the dog !!

  4. Its disgraceful that this cruelty is allowed, I am very happy to sign this petition but if the law wasn’t so useless there would be no need.

  5. marian tebb says:

    Someone for god sake break in, take the dog far far away, and give it a life. Illegal no doubt but totally moral, and make sure this person never owns any animal in future.

  6. marian tebb says:

    Reminds me of people I know whose neighbours were serial animal abusers, rspca said could not intervene until whatever, can’t even remember exactly now, basically they had to kill the animal in order for them to be able to act, their rules have now changed and they can take action at an earlier stage, every animal charity should have that power, here, usa, wherever.

  7. Cecily Colloby says:

    I agree with all those who suggest a neighbour breaks in and rescues the dog, and hopefully before the poor animal suffers for much longer. THEN watch the authorities leap into action and do something!-but only about the hero who has rescued the poor dog!! He/she will be done for breaking and entering while the bastard who “owns” the dog won’t be punished. Strange how those who do the right thing are often punished for it in this insane day and age, isn’t it????

  8. Stephanie Rodriguez says:

    Where the fuck are the cops? Scratching their nuts? Seriously do something shit. if I was there I would have been done something Fucking do your job

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