Punish People Who Allegedly Sold Horses for Slaughter


Target: Loretta E. Lynch, Attorney General of the United States

Goal: Prosecute people who were allegedly involved in the selling of horses to slaughterhouses.

Almost 2,000 protected mustang horses may have been sold to slaughterhouses over a year’s time span. We need to take action to better ensure horses are not subject to inhumane treatment in the future.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sold almost 2,000 of these horses to a rancher named Tom Davis. Even though the horses were sold under the condition that they could not be used for slaughter, it is alleged that precautions were not taken to prevent this. In fact, when the issue was investigated, Davis allegedly admitted that a majority of the horses were sold to slaughterhouses. It is also alleged that the BLM sold horses to Davis even though it was said by many that he had sold horses for slaughter in the past and despite evidence that revealed Davis had previously tried to open his own slaughterhouse.

Such alleged tragedies could have been possibly avoided if the BLM had limited the sale of their horses and if they had also not sold horses to Davis without more thoroughly checking into his background. Unfortunately, though precautions have been taken to try and ensure this does not happen again, nobody is currently being charged for any criminal actions.

Sign this petition and demand that anyone who sold these horses knowing that they would likely be slaughtered be legally sentenced. No horse should ever be abused in this manner.


Dear Attorney General Lynch,

According to an investigative report, almost 2,000 mustang horses were sold to slaughterhouses. It is important that anyone who was involved in such a crime be legally punished in order to better ensure that horses will remain safer in the future.

The horses were originally sold to Tom Davis, a rancher who allegedly is known for selling horses to slaughterhouses. Davis even reportedly admitted to selling horses for slaughter when the case was investigated. Just as bad, it is likely that the Bureau of Land Management knew that Davis may have sold horses for this purposes, as he had also supposedly been caught trying to open up a horse slaughterhouse in Colorado.

Although precautions have been taken to better ensure that this does not happen in the future, nobody in this current case is being held legally responsible. I therefore urge you to suggest that anyone who is found to have played a part in this horrible crime be prosecuted. Horses do not deserve to be treated in this horrendous manner.


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Photo Credit: François Marchal

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  1. How long do we turn a blind eye to the mustangs transported to Mexico for slaughter…..I have been fighting this travesty of protection for almost 40 years, why is it still going on??

  2. When I worked with equestrians nearly 20 years ago, I heard the BLM condemned for their profiting from wild horse slaughter sales. This has evidently been going on for many years, but is largely ignored by those in charge or who might be able to stop this action. Who gets the money from the sale of Tax-Payer owned animals like these wild horses? They need to be fired. Their job is to protect Our wild horses and other species as well, not send them to horrible death…..

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    It makes me so angry to see how people dispose of animals as if they were some kind of commodity. They are sentient intelligent creatures who deserve to be respected and live free.

  5. This has been going on for years to the point I doubt there are any wild ones in any of the so called pastures being boarded all over the US. They are gone and have been for many years while a few hundred are kept out for show that’s all. Our tax dollars are being pocketed by the BLM bosses since they get millions every year to supposedly feed the horses and pay their board all the while refusing to give anyone the addresses or states where the horses are supposed to be kept.

  6. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    The Animal Rights Community was beside itself when Bushie was re-elected, and had such high hopes when the Obama Administration came in. This case must be looked at more closely so appropriate action can be taken.

  7. Anyone that profits from introducing any animal into horrific circumstances should be severely punished or rather, shot.

  8. Patricia Dumais says:

    The BLM is the Bureau of Land (Mis)management. They could not care less for the horses or any other animals that get in the way of ranchers who want all available grazing land for their cattle. You can stop this by becoming vegetarian or better yet vegan and help end all animal suffering.

  9. Carolyn Taylor says:

    Justice for these worthy wild horses! They deserve to have their life! Making money from selling them to slaughter is wrong. Wild horses and burros must have protections, now!

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