Boycott Daisy Farms for Alleged Animal Abuse

Factory Farm Cows

Target: David Sokolsky, President of Daisy Farms

Goal: Boycott all Daisy Farm products for their alleged cruel acts of animal abuse.

Rampant abuse and neglect are allegedly taking place on the farms of the popular name brand Daisy Farms despite claims that they have the “best cared for cows on the planet.” If the cows could, they would disagree. After hearing rumors, PETA conducted an undercover investigation of the Daisy brand farm in Paris, Texas.

The very first moments of the calves lives on this farm appear to be traumatic. Allegedly, calves are torn from their mothers’ birth canal by chains and then spiked weaning rings are put on their noses to prevent them from nursing–a natural instinct. Shortly after all this, calves are taken away from their mothers and put in isolation in small, cramped rooms.

Since the calves are in isolation and the milk from their mothers is being used for sale, workers reportedly took small amounts of milk and force fed the calves by shoving tubes down their throats. On two occasions, calves drowned after tubes were carelessly shoved down into their lungs rather than their stomach. Calves are also allegedly dehorned shortly after birth without the use of painkillers.

According to PETA, the treatment of these animals did not get better as they aged. Adult cows were found confined in large sheds among their own waste. Workers were allegedly kicking, whipping and jabbing the cows when they felt necessary. Disease ran rampant in the congested and dirty conditions and adequate care was rarely given.

These animals have suffered enough at the hands of Daisy Farms. Sign this petition and tell Mr. Sokolsky that you will no longer buy Daisy Brand products until this unnecessary animal abuse stops.


Dear Mr. David Sokolsky,

Your brand, Daisy Farms, claims to have the “best cared for cows on the planet.” However, a recent undercover investigate lead by PETA refuted that statement.

Allegedly, investigators discovered many acts of abuse on your farm in Paris, Texas. Calves were being torn out of their mothers’ birth canals using chains, and then shortly after were taken away from their mothers and put in isolation. Since calves cannot nurse from their mothers, they have tubes forced down their throats. On two occasions, calves died when tubes where carelessly shoved into their lungs rather than their stomachs. Workers were seen kicking, whipping and jabbing the cows when they felt necessary. In addition, disease spread like wildfire due to the cramped and dirty conditions and proper veterinary care was not given.

No animal should live like this. The abuse that was allegedly seen on your farm is revolting. I am letting you know that I will no longer buy Daisy products until this abuse stops.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Keep in mind that all of the calves born on dairy farms in the US are used for shoe leather, expensive hand bags, belts this calf skin is where the calf skin clothing comes from that is sold in high end stores. Some calves are sent to auctions in the spring some are bought directly from the dairy and the dairy keeps the females as replacements for their worn out cows. Trying to stop the direct mistreatment of the calves is what needs to be done.
    There is also the fact that the cows sometimes need help calving I think that’s where the chains come in that was mentioned in the above article. I was raised on a small farm that had a few cows and they had to be watched carefully when it was time for them to have their calves.
    I have never heard of using chains but a few times we had to call the vet out to help the cows. The cattle that are raised on cattle ranch’s don’t seem to have that kind of problem at least I have never heard of it, it could be that they are raised more on the wild side than the dairy cows that have to have their bags washed off before being hooked up the the milking machine twice a day.

  2. SHAME ON YOU!! David Sokolsky for allowing this to happen on Daisy Farms and DON’T say you were not aware. If that’s the case, then YOU were not doing your job! Don’t worry, YOUR day will come! Rest in HELL!

  3. Sophie Debbané says:

    Disgusting, shameful practice. The entire industry needs a RADICAL OVERHAUL!!!

  4. Animals are living beings — it breaks my heart to know how terribly these animals are treated 24/7! — to tolerate sadistic horror inflicted by employees on these animals is beyond words — these acts should NEVER be accepted — THOSE IN CHARGE SHOULD BE TAKEN TO TASK & punished severely for their atrocious, irresponsible, unconscionable, merciless, immoral & horrific abuse! — if WE do nothing, these monsters will continue with their brutal horror! — we MUST stop them.

  5. Marla Sugarman says:

    After I read “Cows Tormented by Spiked Nose Rings at Daisy Farms” and saw the horrific photos of calves and cows in PETA’s Animal Times magazine, I saw a package of Daisy Pure & Natural Sour Cream in our refrigerator. I threw it out! Unknowingly, my husband bought it but neither of us will ever buy a Daisy product again!

  6. It’s about time we had farms for all the worlds human scum, jail is not enough for them, most don’t get prison time anyway…. they are not punished for horrendous Animal cruelty & slaughter, they are protected by corrupt industries & governments (that are all $$$$$$ hungry & evil too)
    There would be no shortage of workers wanting to work on these farms & get PAID TO TERRORIZE, TORTURE & MURDER THEM ALL!!!!!!!

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