Save Orangutans From Being Burned Alive

Mother and Baby Orangutans

Target: U.S. President Barack Obama

Goal: Stop palm oil-fueled forest fires that are killing off threatened orangutan populations.

Orangutans are dying from tens of thousands of small forest fires intentionally set by palm oil companies looking for a quick, cheap, and easy way clear land for the planting of the trees from which they harvest the oil. Not only are the orangutan habitats being destroyed, the smoke from the fires causes severe respiratory problems that can be deadly. The babies are dehydrated and malnourished as they struggle to breathe and their parents struggle to take proper care of them.

Even the orangutans in the rehabilitation center provided by the International Animal Rescue are falling ill. Liz Key, the organization’s communications manager, called the situation “absolutely dire.” The problem has been made worse by the fact that Indonesia has been going through an unnaturally dry season, causing the fires to burn out of control. The carbon being put into the air by the fires is also more than the carbon pollution released by the entire U.S. economy.

This should be considered an international emergency. Orangutans are already a threatened species and we already have an international climate crisis, which President Obama has acknowledged and promised to fight against. Sign our petition to urge him to take action to stop the wildfires and save orangutans from a horrible death.


Dear President Obama,

Orangutans in Indonesia are currently suffering and dying as forest fires intentionally set by palm oil companies burn out of control. Because the country is experiencing an unnatural dry season (likely due to climate change), the fires they use to clear areas for planting their trees have gone wild and are making even protected orangutans sick while others die in the flames.

Orangutans are already threatened due to habitat loss created by palm oil companies. Now they’re getting sick from the smoke pouring into the air, leaving them unable to properly care for their ailing babies. Not only that, but the carbon entering the atmosphere from these fires is more than all the carbon currently polluted from the entire United States.

As a president who has pledged to combat climate change, it’s in your interest to interfere in the current situation in Indonesia. They need money and general aid to combat the forest fires and save their orangutans from possible extinction. Please step in and help rescue these beautiful creatures.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Nonprofit Organizations

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  1. Stan Benton says:

    Let’s stop using palm oil, guys?

  2. It’s time for everyone to get on the same program in order to save this beautiful planet and all the intelligent life on it. Time to stop this massive annihilation.

  3. what a sick and twisted world this is becoming, god help all the animals.

  4. Judith Mitchell says:

    Please, please take a moment to read the ingredients lists on products you want to buy. Palm oil is used in foods that you might not even suspect to find it in; we have got to be educated consumers. And write or call the companies using it. I have done this; I then get my friends to call and write as well. Doesn’t take long, and in the words of the Buddha,
    “Do not think lightly of good, that nothing will come of it. A whole water pot will fill up from dripping drops of water.”

  5. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth, and as such, should be given the protection they require. Man has invaded the Homes and Homelands of nearly every other animal on the planet, yet we were never invited…

  6. Let’s NOT touch our forests, rainforests, our wildlife, our wild animals, their natural habitats — we NEED NOT use palm oil for everything — we have other oils at our disposal — on the other hand, if Company X chooses to use palm oil, do it the right way, the proper way — do it sustainably — DO NOT MONSTROUSLY RAVAGE THE LANDSCAPE COMPLETELY. — We have animals, wild animals, wildlife, who live in these beautiful forests, WHO need their homes — not to mention our EARTH needs as much forest landscape as possible! — These corporations should STAY the hell AWAY from our rainforests altogether if they refuse to proceed properly.

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