Demand Justice for Starved Dog


Target: Richard Brown, Queens District Attorney

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly nearly starved his dog to death to the fullest extent of the law.

“Brewster,” as he is called by his rescuers weighed only 25 pounds when he was brought into the New York City Animal Care Center. Veterinarians say the dog, a boxer, should have weighed 60 pounds. The animal was less than half its desirable weight, and the man who brought him in claiming he found him in a field appears to be the animal’s owner. Officials allege the only reason the owner, Anthony Esteves, brought Brewster in was so the dog wouldn’t die in his bedroom.

Brewster was placed in the care of Adopt a Boxer Rescue, a nonprofit organization that offered a reward for any information as to whom starved the animal. The leads eventually took authorities back to Esteves, and the NYPD Cruelty Investigation Squad reported to the New York Daily News that Esteves changed his story several times from his original claim. Officials disclosed that Esteves attempted to sway authorities by saying others owned Brewster and even gave a false address. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown says Esteves finally admitted Brewster belonged to him.

Shockingly, an ASPCA veterinarian informed authorities that it took weeks, and possibly even months, for the boxer to get down to 25 pounds. Investigators have also revealed that they did not find any evidence of food or veterinary care when they searched Esteves’ home. In fact, the dog’s food dish served as a holder for Esteves’ personal items.

Authorities have arrested Esteves and he is facing charges of alleged aggravated cruelty toward, injuring and torturing animals alongside falsifying records. Brewster is now in a foster home and is recovering nicely, gaining 6 pounds in one week. We must demand justice for this poor animal. Call upon District Attorney Brown to prosecute Anthony Esteves to greatest extent the law will allow. Demand justice for Brewster.


Dear District Attorney Brown,

I am appalled at the alleged actions of Anthony Esteves and commend the Queens District Attorney’s Office for filing charges against this horrific man. It is genuinely disturbing that anyone would knowingly starve and neglect an animal to such an extent and then only bring it in to a shelter because he didn’t want it to die in his bedroom. As the ASPCA veterinarian said, it took weeks, perhaps even months, for this poor boxer to get down to 25 pounds, and this certainly suggests that the cruelty to which this animal was subjected was longstanding.

I am writing to encourage you to take as much action as legally possible against Anthony Esteves should he be found guilty of the crimes under which he has been charged. We cannot continue to allow helpless and defenseless animals be victimized by sadists who use the food bowl as a holder for their personal items. This animal was tortured; please make no mistake about that. Please prosecute this horrible man to the fullest extent of the law.


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  1. Patricia Dumais says:

    Maximum fine and he should be kept from ever owning another animal.

  2. This A-Hole deserves to starve and feel what that poor helpless dog must have been feeling. There is NO EXCUSE for starving a pet, anymore than there would be for starving a human family member. I would be willing to bet that this MORON doesn’t even think he did anything wrong. Lock him up – no food – and throw away the key !!!!!!!!

  3. Sandy Simpson says:

    This Pos needs to be locked in a cell and starved the way he did Brewster. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. If you don’t want the dog, surrender it but don’t be a ***hole and let this poor animal slowly starve to death. Let the punishment fit the crime.

  4. Jean-Louis Rubens says:


  5. Who knows what compelled this human to finally bring this dog to safety, but he did & I thank God for it — BUT clearly, the callous disregard & cruelly negligent attitude & behavior toward Brewster MUST be taken into consideration — Mr. Esteves CANNOT own any animals EVER again — he’s a danger to them — think how sweet Brewster must’ve suffered — for these reasons, Mr. Esteves must be held accountable & whatever punishment you decide to mete out, ensure by disciplining him severely that such horrific acts cannot ever be repeated.

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