Close Slaughterhouse That Tortured Animals

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Target: Mayor Max Roustan, Alès, France

Goal: Permanently close slaughterhouse where animals had their throats slit while conscious and were lowered into a pit to be gassed.

A slaughterhouse is under investigation after undercover footage taken in the facility showed extreme cruelty toward animals. The video, taken by animal rights group L214, showed cows having their throats slit while still conscious, horses being beaten with electric prods, and sheep left on the ground to bleed out after having their throats cut. The video also revealed pigs being forced into a cage, which was then lowered into a pit full of carbon dioxide gas. These animals do not deserve this abusive treatment. This slaughterhouse must be shut down.

The slaughterhouse is located in Ales, a commune in southern France. An expert veterinarian who reviewed the footage concluded that the callous methods used to kill the animals were illegal under both animal cruelty and food safety laws, citing that the corpses could have easily become contaminated with fecal matter. The area’s prosecutor launched a preliminary investigation into the abattoir for “acts of cruelty” and “mistreatment of animals.” Since then, the commune’s mayor has enforced the temporary closure of the facility.

This type of shocking cruelty is all too common in slaughterhouses all over the world. In order to deter such abuse, it is imperative that leaders take a tough stance against those who abuse animals within their care. Sign the petition below to demand that this slaughterhouse be closed for good.


Dear Mayor Roustan,

A video recently released by animal rights group L214 shows animals being severely abused at a slaughterhouse in Ales, a commune in the south of France. The video showed animals being beaten with electric prods, having their throats slit while still conscious and left to bleed out on the floor, and gassed to death after being crammed into a cage and lowered into a pit. The release of the video prompted a preliminary investigation by authorities as well as the temporary closure of the facility.

In order to ensure that the operators do not have the opportunity to do this again, harsh measures must be taken against them. Harsh punishments will also act as a deterrent for other abusers in the meat industry. We, the undersigned, ask that the abattoir remain permanently closed due to the severity of the abuse and cruelty caught on camera.


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  1. Idiot-monsters, psychopaths — should be NO WHERE near animals, should NOT handle animals at all! — Abuse & cruel slaughter of animals is immoral, is needless, is irrational, is cruel & unconscionable, sadistic, merciless — the brutality & suffering inflicted on our animals is beyond words — SHAME ON SOCIETY FOR ALLOWING THESE IDIOT-MONSTERS to get away with their savage crimes — STOP THEM! — Imprisonment for 5 years along with $50,000 penalty should make these criminals rethink their violent acts!

  2. Beth Knalfa says:

    I thought France was a country of grace and intelligence. Guess I am dead wrong. France is rampant with horrible animal abuse in the news. Has government in France lost its control over these companies. Money probably buys them out, pitiful.

  3. I don’t know what people think usually happens in slaughter houses but I guarantee that this is routine in all of them. If any of you outraged people commenting here eat meat then you are grade A hypocrites and are absolutely as guilty as these scumbags we’re reading about.

  4. Vicious scum they need to be on the receiving end of the abuse not the animals.

  5. Karen Lerman says:

    Some of farmers in US normally kill the kittens by flashing birth hours old kittens into the toliets. Horrible crime ! The mother cat looked for her litter and meowed all day. Heartbreaking To them is the way of life.

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