Justice for Massive Elephant Murdered By Hunter

Dead elephant

Target: Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Director General Mr. E. Chidziya

Goal: Stop giving permits to hunters allowing them to senselessly slaughter endangered animals for sport.

A 40-to-60-year-old elephant was shot down by another big game hunter not long after the outrage over the death of Cecil the lion. The hunting community is celebrating the death of this majestic creature, thought to be the largest elephant killed in 30 years. In the photo the hunter took to show off his kill, the massive tusks touch the ground while the elephant kneels in death.

This “community” of big game hunters appears to have been totally unaffected by the widespread anger and grief over the death of Cecil. This yet unnamed hunter paid $60,000 for the right to legally hunt elephants, leopards, lions, buffalo and rhinoceros. It seems that the only way to protect these animals, many of which are under severe threat of extinction, is to demand that countries stop giving out permits for these rich big game hunters to kill animals for fun and bragging rights.

With the poaching of elephants on the rise leading to a drastic decline in elephant populations in just the past few years, we cannot sit back and allow the hunting of these animals to be legal in any form. Sign our petition to demand that Zimbabwe immediately cease issuing big game hunting permits so that innocent animals like Cecil and this elephant never end up dead for the sake of some hunter’s social media page again.


Dear Director Chidziya,

Another majestic animal has been shot dead by a big game hunter for bragging rights. This elephant, which has been yet unidentified, is thought to be the biggest of its species killed in around 30 years and might have been the biggest left in the wild. It was probably 40 to 60 years old, but its life was cut short by a European hunter who paid $60,000 for a permit to hunt elephants, leopards, lions, buffalo and rhinoceros.

I understand that your country gets a lot of money for these permits. However, there are other ways to make money. If people keep legally and illegally killing these animals, there will soon be none left in the world and you will no longer have that source of income at all. If you instead make more of an effort to conserve and protect them, you’ll be able to bring in tourists for many, many years who can pump money into your economy without killing anything.

Please stop selling permits to big game hunters who just want to kill your local fauna so they can pose with the corpses and brag about it to their rich friends. These people are exploiting and systematically killing off the beauty of your country and increasing the risk of extinction for lions, elephants, leopards, and other threatened animals. Please make an effort to stop these legal killings.


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Photo credit: Bernard DUPONT

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  1. Lilian Caughlin says:

    The hunter has been identified according to the media as Rainer Schorr a German National. Google it. He says he has no idea what everybody is talking about although his picture was taken standing next to the elephant High Fiving a helper. The excuses these hunters give to justify their ‘conservation program’ is one big joke. Killing off the older animals as they prevent the younger ones from breeding… the money from the permit goes to the community… it pays for park rangers and national parks…
    How did these animals manage in the past. Maybe the stronger ones get to breed and the old ones die off naturally and if the money were just donated to the community and the park services everybody would benefit. So it all boils down to corruption and blood lust. If the tourists would boycott and not go over there it would turn around real quick. They bring in more money than the hunters. That money is spread around and affects many. Pressure needs to be put on these countries that allow a select few out of greed to cull magnificent animals which people the world over would want to see.
    Shameful and disgusting.

  2. Edel Humphries says:

    Cruel & outdated!!! We don’t want to see ivory used in this way. It should remain & admired on the Elephant itself.

  3. END YOUR HORRIFIC HOBBY OF HUNTING — before you kill off all the animals & they go extinct! — ELEPHANT HUNTING should be banned PERMANENTLY, no matter WHERE! — They’re draconian, savage, cruel, unconscionable & brutal! — Who CHOOSES to be a hunter?! WHY would someone hunt down, track and murder an animal?! — For food? — For fun? — WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET THE ELEPHANTS LIVE?! — Elephants, like humans, have lives to live — it’s downright SHAMEFUL to hunt & slaughter these animals! — Please, let’s protect these wonderful animals — it’s the right thing to do — ALL parties will benefit with the exception of the hunter-killers, of course, who should search for different targets & seek their gratification elsewhere.

  4. What right does Zimbabwe have to issue permits to kill these animals? They don’t own them – nobody does. They are here on Earth for civilisation to enjoy. They are not even part of the food chain

    These people cannot see beyond the ends of their noses.Short term gains against long term permanent loss.

    The Chinese, who claim to be the oldest civilisation in the world, are a retarded nation who believe that ivory powder has medicinal properties and they propagate the poaching by paying huge sums for it’s illegal collection.

    May the curse of Karma descend upon them and all the hunters legal and illegal

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