Denmark Zoo Must Stop Murdering and Dissecting Lions


Target: Head of the Odense Zoo

Goal: Utilize other methods to prevent inbreeding and never kill another lion again.

Odense Zoo, a zoo located in central Denmark, murdered one of its one-year-old female lions, claiming the murder was to prevent inbreeding. The zoo reportedly plans to publicly dissect the lion, after already dissecting another young male lion as a public spectacle for people and children at the zoo. The zoo has been conducting public dissections for 20 years.

The zoo has allegedly killed three young, healthy lions this year. Odense Zoo claims that they tried unsuccessfully to find new homes for the lions, and because of this had to instead murder them.

Zoos allegedly kill animals all the time in order to keep zoo populations from surplus. Activists say the zoos can use other methods like contraceptives in order to keep populations down, prevent inbreeding and to keep animals healthy.

This lazy and disgusting practice of murdering and dissecting healthy lions cannot go on any longer. Demand Odense Zoo use other methods to solve its zoo problems and never murder and dissect another lion again.


Dear Odense Zoo Head,

I am writing to tell you how disgusted I am that you run an organization for animals that allegedly  kills and dissects them when they are young and healthy for some kind of public spectacle. How you have gotten away with doing this for 20 years is beyond reason, but it must come to an end.

There are other methods like contraceptives that you can use to prevent the problems you claim you have that supposedly require you to murder these innocent creatures. I have a difficult time believing that you actually tried to find them new homes but had no other choice but to kill them.

I demand you use other methods to solve your zoo problems and never murder and dissect another lion again.


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Photo credit: Peter Harrison

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  1. Christine Bennett says:

    Denmark, your nation is already sullied beyond measure for your horrific orca, whale & dolphin slaughters in Faroe Islands… barbaric!!

    Now this… public dissection of lions?! ATTEN. ODENSE ZOO! Redeeming features: NONE. STOP THIS COWARDLY ABUSE OF THE LIVES OF HELPLESS ANIMALS!!

    FURTHER: Lions belong in the tropics and grasslands of Africa. These animals are not suited to cold conditions, especially not in Denmark.

  2. Janet Flanagan says:

    My family and I think your murdering innocent animals in your zoo is cowardly and sadistic! As if you can’t keep these animals from reproducing!! My husband is half Danish and is repulsed by your actions!

  3. I really hope the owners/management of this zoo are reading these comments. If you are, please take note of this comment too. You are an evil bunch of bastards and should be ashamed of even calling yourselves a zoo. What the hell is it with the Danish people – animal brothels, killing lions, giraffes, whales etc. Maybe the Danish Royal Family should get involved in animal conservation – like Princes William & Harry in Britain. They could speak out and change the way many Danes think about the way animals are treated. Shape up Denmark. Disgraceful!

  4. Catherine desjarlais says:

    This is evil,this is insanity and cruelty beyond. This person and his like should be in prison.

  5. Lilian Caughlin says:

    What is there to see and show to children or adults. What could they possibly learn that can’t be seen in a book or online if interested. How many kids or adults are interested in dissecting animals. It’s a barbaric spectacle nothing else.
    What are they going to do with what they have just seen. How do they process it. It sounds extremely perverted.
    Like child molesters judging a baby contest. Gross.

  6. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    How sick is this !! And even sicker that members of the public go and watch.
    Not much different to a public execution. No one in Denmark can criticise Saudi Arabia for their public executions. In fact Denmark is worse, as the rest is under the illusion you are more sophisticated that this.

    How wrong we all are.

    Shame on Denmark and on the people of this country that you don’t stop this from happening,

  7. Jean-Louis Rubens says:


  8. ANIMAL KILLINGS AT YOUR ZOO! — What’s your point! — What lessons are you trying to teach? — What does one gain by viewing a dissection? — keep in mind, I see no one taking notes! — Trying to show off, is it? — To kill, murder, perfectly healthy & treatable animals is irrational, callous, cruel, sadistic, unconscionable & hateful. — Because you have no room at the Zoo is an INSANE excuse to kill these beautiful animals! — Unless you like the act of killing, of course, and you want to SHOW OFF — look what I killed today! — What about you? — What did you kill?! — Look, look at my CARVING skills! — LISTEN! These animals have the RIGHT to their own lives — These animals want to live — other zoos exist, other Sanctuaries can be found — you could’ve reached out to others to take in these magnificent animals — but NOOOOO, you don’t see it that way, do you! — You do NOT give a damn! — The problem is, it’s NOT about the animals, it’s NOT about their lives, it’s NOT about their RIGHT to live — it’s ALL ABOUT YOU! — It’s all about fulfilling your irrational notions AND the animals are the ones who PAY — they pay with THEIR LIVES! — SHAME ON YOU! — A million times, SHAME ON YOU! — Give me a moment, so I can hurl!

  9. J. Olafsson says:

    OH-Dense is a fitting name. A zoo director that is unfamiliar with spay, neuter and other birth control? Pathetic!

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