Clothing Retailer Must Stop Use of Angora Fur


Target: Richard Hayne, President and CEO of Urban Outfitters

Goal: End the use of angora fur at the clothing store Free People.

Free People is one of the few retailers left that still uses angora fur. At a typical angora fur farm, rabbits are held down while their fur is violently ripped from their skin, all while still conscious. If it is not ripped then it is sheared from their bodies. Rabbits are of course terrified as they are held down while cutting tools come closer and closer to their bodies, and the rabbits’ nervous movements usually cause injuries. Some farms will even pluck their rabbits’ fur. During all of these techniques, the rabbits are held down and usually handled aggressively. Angora rabbits must go through this misery every three months until about two to five years of age, when they are killed. Some rabbits will even go into shock due to the pain and are unable to move their bodies.

These are not the only horrors angora rabbits face. “Problem” animals are commonly hung from the ceiling by their limbs so they can be sheared, plucked, or ripped at. Their living conditions usually consist of cramped, dirty cages covered in filth and feces. These living conditions lead to many health problems like respiratory problems, sores, infections, malnutrition, dehydration and blindness.

Many retailers have already stopped their use of angora fur. Some retailers include H&M, Forever 21, Zappos, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Sign this petition and demand Free People follow the trend of banning angora fur.


Dear Richard Hayne,

Your store, Free People, is one of the few retailers that still uses angora fur. H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Zappos, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are some of the few that have put an end to their angora fur use. I encourage you to look into typical angora fur farm practices and make the same decision as the retailers mentioned above.

Angora rabbits have their fur sheared, ripped, or plucked off of their bodies every three months. This happens while the rabbits are fully conscious and sometimes the pain is so intense that it causes the rabbits to go into extreme shock. This shock can make the rabbits not be able to move their own bodies. On top of all that, the living conditions are typically barren cages filled with feces. These conditions cause many health problems like infections, sores, blindness, malnutrition, dehydration and respiratory problems.

Please consider the torture these animals go through just for an article of clothing. There are many other cruelty-free materials that can be used.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Emma Jane Hogbin

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  1. The store is called Free People….. What about free animals then? This is disgraceful and you must stop using Angora …. And stop ASAP

  2. If you ever hear an angora rabbit scream when they rip thier fur from them, You would would never wear it . BECAUSE you cannot forget the noise of the creulty !!!!

  3. This horrific abuse of rabbits is beyond sickening and immoral!
    Your store is a disgrace. No one needs angora fur–especially, at the cost of extreme suffering of sweet animals!
    Only a sociopath would continue selling rabbit fur, knowing the horrors that the animals endure, before death!

  4. stop the use of cruel fur now.

  5. anita culling says:

    Please STOP this from happening. You cannot close your eyes to this horrific treatment of these animals. All in the name of fashion and profit. Synthetic materials are the way forward.
    As retailers please make this stop and move forward in a way Urban Outfitters can be proud. Look around you – more and more people do not want to be part of cruelty for vanity.

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