Stop Killing America’s Wild Horses

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Target: Bureau of Land Management Director Neil Kornze

Goal: Protect wild horses from terrifying, deadly round-ups on public lands.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claims that it gathers wild horses and burros each year to maintain the ecological health of our nation’s public lands. They also maintain that the horse gathers are to protect the animals from factors such as drought. In reality, common results of the gathers are abortion, trauma, injury, and death.

The BLM asserts that the mortality rates during the round-ups are merely 0.5%, and they attribute most of the injuries and deaths that occur to natural causes. However oftentimes, fatalities and injuries are not reported at all. Statistics for animals that later die or are euthanized due to injuries sustained during capture are omitted entirely.

During a round-up, wild horses are chased by helicopter while they are galloping for their lives. Many of the captured animals suffer from “capture myopathy,” a condition in wild animals caused by the stress of capture. BLM horses, those that survive, remain terrified of helicopter noise long after capture.

As the animals are captured, they are driven into holding pens where foals can be separated from their mothers or left behind on the range to care for themselves. BLM will liberally euthanize any horses with physical defects, even if they had been able to thrive on the range..

According to American Wild Horse Preservation, there has been a 98% reduction in wild horses that used to roam the west since the 1900s. Over 270,000 wild horses have been removed from public lands since the 1971 passing of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burros Act, which designated public land for their protection. Despite the BLM’s assertion that they are trying to maintain the ecological health of public lands, private livestock outnumbers wild horses and burros 50 to 1. More wild horses are captured annually than are adopted out, leading to a stockpiling of horses in government holding facilities. The cost to the taxpayer for stockpiling these horses is over $100,000 every day, leading to pressure to sell these horses for slaughter.

70% of the budget for wild horses and burros is spent on capture and stockpiling. Only 6% is spent on safe and humane fertility control and keeping horses on the range. By signing the petition below, you will urge Bureau of Land Management Director Neil Kornze to refocus the BLM’s wild horse and burro management plan to one of safe and humane fertility and away from the capture and stockpiling of these beautiful animals.


Dear Director Kornze,

The Bureau of Land Management needs to shift their wild horse and burro program resources to safe and humane fertility control and away from capture and stockpiling. Private livestock consumes more of the resources on public lands than wild horses and burros and these animals deserve to live their lives free.

The numbers of wild horses and burros are declining and too many are stockpiled or euthanized annually. Selling the stockpiled animals to a slaughterhouse is not a viable option. The stress and terror inflicted on these animals while they are being rounded up by helicopter is inhumane and needs to be stopped.

If the BLM deems capturing the horses absolutely necessary, the contractors used need to be reputable, humane, and non-abusive. No fee should be paid for a dead animal, to further discourage the brutality and negligence. Additionally, BLM should not euthanize any wild horses or burros that are captured with physical defects. If they had been able to survive and thrive in the wild, then they should be returned to the wild if the BLM determines that they are not adoptable.

I urge you to stop the terrorization of wild horses and burros. It is inhumane and a violation of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burros Act. Please don’t allow any more torture and violence to befall our nation’s wild horses and burros.


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Photo Credit:  SashaS

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  1. We have all been fighting this cruelty for years including the wholesale slaughter of horses shipped to Mexico/Canada. There are two bills in congress that were introduced months ago the Senate bill called The Safe Act(S.1214) and the House of Representatives bill (H.R.1942) The Safe Guard American Food Act. Both of these bills need all of you to contact your Senators and Reps and ask if they will cosponsor both bills. If you don’t know much about horse slaughter you need to get on google and educate yourself because slaughter is where a number of these wild horses have disappeared too over the years. The BLM knows their buddies the killer buyers and they call them out to pick up the wild horses and haul them to either Mexico or Canada to be killed. The BLM tries to claim there is a over abundance of wild horses that are supposed to be damaging the range lands but its the cattle and sheep that are doing the damage.The wild horses are being rounded up to extinction.
    If the two bills could be passed it would stop all horses here in the US from being hauled to slaughter.

  2. anita culling says:

    Please stop killing the wonderful animals. WHY?

  3. Lilian Caughlin says:

    I still can’t understand why these horses can not be managed with birth control. It would eliminate keeping them in small pens indefinitely or worse slaughter and everything else traumatic associated with relocation. This is 2015 not 1974 . One would think progress would have reached even BLM at this point.
    The money that could be saved…. not to mention the improvement of the horses lives. Good record keeping and deciding which horses in a given herd should be gelded and/ or injected with birth control. It can’t be that difficult. The gene pool could even be kept in order.

  4. Vamos salvar nossoa animais tem direito como nós de viver

  5. I do NOT want my tax dollars to pay for these cruel, unconscionable & needless programs, roundups & experiments — this is irrational & cruel horror beyond the pale — There is NO overpopulation of wild horses; if anything, they are underpopulated on the vast acreage of public lands in the West — Note that wild horses are a return-native species who help reduce catastrophic wildfires & create biodiversity  —  We need the herds to reverse desertification — The BLM is attempting to “manage” America’s wild horses to extinction —  WE WANT OUR HORSES  —  WE WANT THEM TO LIVE & THRIVE FREELY ON OUR PUBLIC LANDS — WE OWE THEM THIS — IT IS THEIR HOME — THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO LIVE — DO NOT TAKE THIS SACRED RIGHT FROM THEM — We do NOT need to eat horsemeat — we have enough food on our plates — there is NO justification whatsoever to murder these magnificent animals NOR send them elsewhere to their premature brutal deaths — not only am I opposed to EATING horse-meat, I am vehemently against the cruel, brutal, callous, merciless treatment of our horses, whether they’re a meal or not — no matter where our horses are residing, permanently or otherwise, they should be treated with care & respect — treating all with care & respect should NOT be difficult to do — if it is, stay away from our horses, stay away from animals altogether.


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