Stop the Expansion of Atrocious Mink Fur Farm

Minks Jo-Anne McArthur

Target: Brant County Planning Advisory Committee Member Mayor Ron Eddy

Goal: Stop the expansion of a fur farm that currently holds 1,200 minks.

A fur farm that currently holds 1,200 minks wants to expand their farm so they imprison up to 4,000 animals. Not only is fur completely unnecessary, but many animals go insane from the cramped and dirty conditions they live in. Fur farms typically hold their minks in bare, crammed, wire cages. Minks in the wild occupy territories up to two and a half miles. In the cages, they can barely move a few steps.

Minks are also semi-aquatic animals, and while locked up in cages, they are unable to reach water where they can swim. All of these restrictions lead to excessive stress in minks. Sometimes the stress can be so damaging that the animals will become cannibalistic. Not only does fur farming cause harm to the animals, but it also leads to excessive animal waste which can pollute the nearby environment.

The fur farm planning the expansion is Willow Pond Farm in Ontario. It is the Brant County Planning Advisory Committee that decides whether or not Willow Pond Farm is allowed to do this expansion. Sign this petition and demand that the Committee does not allow the expansion which will lead to more animals being imprisoned and killed just for their coats.


Dear Mayor Eddy,

A fur farm by the name of Willow Pond Farm has recently asked for your approval of a building permit. This permit would allow Willow Pond Farm to hold more than double the amount of animals they currently imprison. As of this moment, up to 1,200 minks are being held, bred, and killed for their fur on this farm. If the permit was approved, this number would increase up to 4,000 animals.

In today’s day and age, fur is not a necessity and I am hoping that you truly consider this expansion from the animals’ point of view. Minks held in small cages experience excessive stress and even physical health problems. In addition to all of the animal health problems, fur farms produce a lot of animal waste. All of this waste can pollute the nearby environments.

For the happiness and health of your community, humans and animals, I hope you really think about the downfalls of this expansion.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur

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  1. Lilian Caughlin says:

    In this day and age with very realistic fake furs it’s totally outdated and obsolete to wear fur. The most important fact which is animal cruelty speaks for itself. People should boycott and shame celebrities that wear fur.

  2. It’s horrific, it’s immoral, it’s cruel, it’s unconscionable, it’s irrational, it’s sadistic, it’s needless … these acts are psychopathic and criminal … it’s shameful … everyone in the world WANTS THIS TO STOP! — NO ONE WANTS THE FUR, NO ONE WANTS THE KILLING, NO ONE WANTS THE SLAUGHTER … NO ONE WANTS THE TORTURE, THE SLOW SUFFERING OF THESE ANIMALS …. IT MUST STOP!

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