Don’t Return Rescued Dogs to Accused Abusers

Target: Ben Butler, Prosecuting Attorney for Cass County, MO

Goal: Advocate for rescue organizations to be granted legal custody of animals rescued from potential neglect and abuse.

The Super Bowl is perhaps most noted by animal lovers for the event that precedes it: the Puppy Bowl. This tongue-in-cheek televised event brings needed attention to the many young dogs in search of a forever home. But the work remains year-round, as highlighted by a recent case in Missouri.

The fate of several dogs was in the balance after they were rescued from a residence described as an unsafe and unhealthy environment. The state’s humane society removed the dogs from this alleged neglect and abuse and moved them to a recovery facility in St. Louis. But the society still had to fight for full custody of the dogs in court. If they were successful, the dogs could be restored to health and put up for adoption into forever homes. If not, the possibility existed that they would be returned to their accused abusers.

Fortunately, at least in this case, the odds seem in the rescue society’s favor. Sign the petition below to urge officials in the county where this incident took place to grant immediate custody of at-risk animals to capable and professional caregivers.


Dear Prosecutor Butler,

The recent rescue of several dogs from a Cass County property is another unfortunate reported example of the neglect and abuse taking too many animals. Care for these vulnerable living beings should be an immediate and first priority. Do not force rescue organizations into court to prove they are a better custodian than alleged abusers.

Give these caregivers priority and ensure that no animal is placed back into the custody of a potential danger to their health and well-being.


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  1. wow DUH this is a no Brainer, such stupid laws protecting asshole ppl that never should EVER have any animal, let alone breath air, CHANGE THIS THIS ALREADY !!!

  2. I just read the first couple of petitions at the top of this list and already there are 2 repeat offenders. It isn’t easy to sit and write these messages. We are people, like you, and you are wasting our time. However to allow people accused of animal abuse to take back the same animals they have abused is beyond ignorant, it’s stupid! The other option is to give these abused animals to caregivers, they care! The courts don’t. I feel judges who handle these cases often overlook the pain to the animal and the perps get away with a slap on the wrist. Society has dominion over animals not domination. We must respect animals, all animals! Abusers are not people they are slime. To return animals to their abusers needs to be punished by disbarring the judge. States having different laws from other states is total idiocy. Animal abuse needs to be a felony in EVERY STATE. A strong felony. Abusers need to be fined, houses taken, and the charge never expunged as well as prison. The same goes for teens, even first time offenders. Why? Facts have shown they will do it again, moving on to people. These offenders are weak as they prey on animals, children, and women. Like the song says … Bless the beast and the children for in this world they have no voice, they have no choice. This is a constant problem and courts need to help the victims not the abusers!!!!!!!!!! This may be the only way to stop these brutalities from happening over and over again.

  3. I have little respect for judges in general. Some years ago I worked in a bar in Toronto that judges from the nearby courts would spend lunch together in.They were over-served by their favorite waiter on a daily basis, some to the point that some were fired! I doubt things have changed much. Therefore,I doubt their judgement in these horrific cases isn’t impeded.They must be drunk or stupid to make the decisions they do.

  4. Honestly, I wonder who would be stupid, stupider and stupiderer to give back abused animals to the abuser that is not even common Sense nor should it be lawful and if a judge did that I think the judge should go to jail and be disbarred from being a judge.

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