End Exploitation of Tigers for Amusement

White Tiger

Target: MGM Resorts International Chairman and CEO James J. Murren

Goal: End the exploitation of tigers at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden

In September, Siegfried and Roy introduced four new additions to their Secret Garden amusement park: six week old white tiger cubs. Despite the fact that tiger cubs in the wild generally stay with their mother until they are two years old, these cubs are on public view in a specially-designed nursery from 12 – 4 p.m. daily. While tiger cubs are ready to learn to hunt by eight weeks old, they rely heavily on skills taught by their mother.

Big cats are exploited and mistreated across the globe in circuses, zoos, aquariums, and roadside attractions. People pay to play, pay to pet, pay to swim, and pay to view them in their “natural” habitat, when nothing could be further from the truth. There are currently more than 5,000 captive tigers in the United States and fewer than 3,200 in the wild.

Wild tigers can be found in India where they live in jungles and forests and roam over vast territories which can span hundreds of miles. To confine these animals in a “secret garden,” brought out to be exploited and on display for a paying public is inhumane and cruel. The pens where the tigers are kept are neither large nor spacious and the tigers have no room to roam.

White tigers are a genetic anomaly caused by a double recessive gene. Captive white tigers bred for this recessive trait do not in any way, as Siegfried & Roy claim, contribute to the conservation of the species. Wild tigers do not live in any region or habitat of the world where being white would be advantageous. The white color robs them of their ability to camouflage to hunt their prey. To obtain white tigers, breeders continuously inbreed tigers. Inbreeding causes a lot of health problems, including scoliosis, neurological disorders, immune system deficiencies, bulging eyes, and cleft palates. Many of the tiger cubs are stillborn or deemed too ugly to display.

These captive bred, inbred, tigers, deserve a life away from exploitation. If Siegfried & Roy truly cared about these majestic animals, they would pay to retire them to a reputable sanctuary away from constant public attention. They would have room to roam and live out their lives as natural as possible. They cannot be released in the wild as they were never taught to survive in the wild and would surely die.

By signing this petition below, you will urge Chairman Murren to discontinue the Secret Garden and retire all the tigers and other wild animals on display to reputable sanctuaries.


Dear Chairman Murren,

Exploiting tigers for public amusement and entertainment is inhumane and cruel. These animals have been inbred and are confined to much too small enclosures. The new tiger cubs were taken from their mothers at a too young age and will not develop properly as a tiger cub in the wild naturally would develop –for two years at its mother’s side.

Continued breeding of these animals will lead to genetic mutations and shorter life spans for the tigers. If Siegfried & Roy really want to use their foundation, SARMOTI, to conserve and preserve endangered animals globally, they should retire their tigers to accredited sanctuaries and work with activists on the ground where these animals live in the wild.

I urge you to close the Secret Garden and request Siegfried & Roy to retire all the tigers and captive animals to a sanctuary where they can live wild at heart. Please take action to help these beautiful and majestic animals.


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Photo Credit: Fike2308

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  1. Kathy Williams says:

    – Please get professional help.
    Your rage is counterproductive to stopping animal abuse. Furthermore, your language potentially subjects all credible animal advocates to ridicule – which is also detrimental to the cause.
    It’s obvious that you are simply seeking attention and sympathy for yourself.

  2. Why can’t people leave beautiful wild animals alone rather than having them as circus performers and scenic trophies, like children animals need to be with their mothers to learn skills and prepare to survive, please show humanity?

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. Rachel Menti says:

    my heart suffers for the slavery and slaughter of animals all over. trophy hunting is shellfish. I wish Noah would come and take them to another,planet cause there is no helping humankind. we need more aggressive action. Karen Williams save your,pleasantries,for another cause. animals

  5. That place made me PUKE!!! Only went once to see for myself how appalling it really is, so I could speak to it personally. But if all the subhuman idiotic tourists just STOPPED GOING & funding it and the awful dolphin exhibit, too, they’d have no CHOICE but to shut those hellholes down!

    But I fear Rachel Menti is right — there may be no helping humankind to grow a real HEART and do the RIGHT THINGS, pathetic and beastly species that most of it is!

  6. Catherine Dugan says:

    All I want to know is what’s wrong with people today! There seems to be a lot of animal abuse going on and it needs to stop! Animals were put on this earth to live with us, not be killed by us!

  7. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    When will people get it ???? Animals are not here for our amusement. They are here on earth in their own right.

  8. Get a plan to transfer out these majestic animals from a life of anxiety and stress– these white tigers should be transferred to a sanctuary where their natural home is closely mimicked AND where they can live in happiness, good health and comfort.

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