Goat Dismembered and Sacrificed for Religious Purposes Deserves Justice


Target: Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida

Goal: Ensure man is given maximum sentence if found guilty of dismembering and sacrificing goat for religious purposes.

A man allegedly decimated a live goat and then later justified sacrificing animals by claiming it was permitted because of his religious beliefs. Activists need to take action to better ensure that several innocent animals will not have to greatly suffer in the future because of such hateful actions.

Augustus Sol Invictus, head of the Florida Libertarian party, has resigned from the Florida Senate race based on these allegations. This is not the first time Invictus has been accused of animal cruelty crimes, as it is thought that he has also sacrificed other animals for religious purposes in the past.

It is unlikely that the pagan religion known as Thelema, that he practices, condones such behavior, as he was recently expelled from the religion’s fraternal organization. In fact, Invictus claiming that he was kicked out of the organization due to political reasons is likely untrue.

Sign this petition and urge the attorney general to do whatever she is able to do in her power to ensure this man is given the maximum sentence for this disgusting crime if he is found guilty. Sacrificing innocent animals is an outdated and barbaric practice and no animal ever deserves to be treated in such a deplorable manner.


Dear Attorney General Bondi,

Augustus Sol Invictus recently resigned from the Florida Senate race because of allegations suggesting that he mutilated a live goat and sacrificed it. It is important that this man be given the maximum punishment under law to better ensure that he will not be able to callously hurt any other animals if he is found guilty of this sick crime.

Invictus has been accused of committing acts of animal sacrifice in the past. In fact, many people think he was thrown out of his religion’s fraternal organization for this reason. As the head of a political party this man should be setting an example, rather than claiming that sacrificing animals is OK as long as religious beliefs justify such actions.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to do everything in your power to make sure this man is given the maximum sentence for committing such a senseless crime if he is found guilty. Sacrificing innocent animals is a despicable practice and no animal ever deserves to die because someone’s religious beliefs deem it necessary.


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  1. david belcher says:

    this is truly a disgusting individual . like doesn’t he have children he could use instead of the goats ? or even better still , himself ? he should since neither of the above mentioned will be accepted by the wishy washy public I hope he is prosecuted to the full extend of the law.

  2. Dumb ASS Cubs Fan!

  3. They say and use religion to make it seem like it’s ok, but in my opinion the sick bastards do it for the thrill. Punish to the fullest for these sick demented people.

  4. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Religious sacrifices do not mix with western culture and should be strictly forbidden. The US may offer freedom of religion but I don’t think that animal cruelty was included in that. Maybe animal lovers should start a religion where animal abusers are thrown off a cliff while the drums are beating in the background. I would join in a minute. Killing animals for that purpose is merely an excuse for thrill kill and torture. Sick minds.

  5. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    What a sick moron this guy is. He doesn’t belong in western society. He belongs in some backward tribal jungle.
    He should get punished to the full degree possible for such atrocious animal cruelty and so should anyone else that took part in this.

  6. STOP THE MERCILESS, IRRATIONAL CRUELTY INFLICTED ON OUR ANIMALS — animals have the RIGHT to live — it’s time to change — find a new symbol, find a new inanimate token to represent your sacrifice — whatever you may decide, LEAVE OUR ANIMALS ALONE! — they’re ALIVE — they’re LIVING beings — they belong in loving and caring environments where respect, happiness and comfort can be found — this is what they deserve.

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