Stop Horrific Animal Abuse at Government Labs


Target: Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services Daniel R. Levinson

Goal: Investigate the CDC’s laboratories following multiple uncovered cases of unnecessary and horrific test animal death.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been violating animal welfare laws and imprisoning animals for decades. However, since they are a government laboratory, they are often allowed to pass inspection despite being guilty of health, safety, and animal welfare violations. This lack of supervision has lead to countless deaths and years of torture.

In just a one-year period, 13 violations were uncovered. Some violations include the five mice that died of asphyxiation due to their ventilation pump being turned off, two prairie dogs that got caught in a drain pipe and later died, a calf that died of hypothermia because he was put in a barn with a faulty heater, a monkey who was not properly supervised and pulled her sutures out which caused her intestines to spill out of her own body, and 15 mice that died after being put in cages that were still excruciatingly hot from sterilization. These are just a few examples of the horrors implemented in these laboratories.

The animals are not the only ones at risk in these labs. The employees have faced dangerous encounters of their own. Just last year, live anthrax was mishandled and potentially exposed employees to the deadly disease. In addition, monkeys were injected with a strain of rabies that the handlers were not vaccinated against. There is no excuse for these various acts of carelessness.

The CDC has a yearly budget of over $6 billion, and $500 million of that is dedicated to “monitoring health and ensuring laboratory excellence.” Those funds are more than adequate to maintain proper safety regulations for humans and animals alike. There have been too many strikes against these laboratories to keep turning a blind eye. Sign to demand that the laboratories be investigated.


Dear Inspector General Levinson,

The laboratories belonging to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been putting animals and humans alike in grave danger. Many situations have resulted in death. However, the CDC does not feel the repercussions for these violations because federal inspectors often give them a pass. Their carelessness has caused too many issues and it cannot be allowed to continue.

Some of these deaths include a monkey who was not properly supervised and pulled out her sutures which caused her intestines to spill out, 15 mice who were put in cages that were still excruciatingly hot from sterilization, and a calf that died of hypothermia after being put in a barn with a broken heater. All of these deaths could have been avoided.

The CDC has over $500 million that is dedicated to “monitoring health and ensuring laboratory excellence.” This is more than enough money to practice proper safety techniques and protocols. There is no excuse for the numerous violations that have been uncovered over the years.

Please exercise your authority and hold the CDC responsible for their wrongdoings. If they are never held accountable then the carelessness will continue and more lives will be at risk.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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  1. Debra Jordan says:

    Please stop killing or abusing innocent animals. I guess you think it’s alright to do this because your the government, but it is still ABUSE. This senseless act needs to be stopped immediately.



  3. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    It breaks my heart to know how this monsters torture this innocent animals. Would they like this to be done to them? I hope they suffer tenfold the pain this poor animals go through.

  4. It’s not the “mistakes” or “violations” that are the problem – it’s the entire Nazi institution that should be closed down. Why do these Nazi institutions still exist in the 21st century? You are no better than the bloody Japs – killing whales, and claiming it’s for “scientific research”. I hope that more rabid-infested lab animals bite more of their Nazi lab “scientists”. And that these Nazi “scientists” die painful deaths as a result. It will serve them damnwell right. Maybe then the Nazis that run these despicable institutions will then start to realise what they are doing to innocent animals.

  5. Nena Miller says:

    Can’t we put our money to better use? So many of these experiments are just useless and have NO impact on health or wellbeing. Why do we keep primates and experiment on them? Why are dogs and cats, both of which are companion animals experiment aged upon. Even mice, do they think these little animals don’t feel pain? My God with the human simulators available and the live tissue samples that can be used WHY ARE WE STILL USING AND KILLING LIVING ANIMALS?

  6. The CDC does enough damage as is with their deceitful lies used for pushing poisonous vaccines on people and in order to plunder the human race – this does not surprise me at all!!!
    God knows who harms His creations and in the end all of these people, especially this worldly government, will be dealt with accordingly in the end. His Son Jesus Christ will be the only true ruler.

  7. Absolutely disturbing, unacceptable and immoral…start giving a sh*t thank you.

  8. And this is where the sociopaths hide. Your tax money is funding this. Sick bastards should be shot.

  9. My heart breaks for these animals == do a search and pay a visit to PCRM —- all respectable & reputable organizations, institutions do NOT use animals, monkeys for ANY purpose whatsoever === STOP with the needless, callous & unconscionable abuse —- STOP making the monkeys suffer such torture === get some rationality, morality & compassion! ==== Transfer the monkeys to a place they can call home — a place where they can live happily and comfortably.

  10. Carol Green says:

    I don’t want the laboratories investigated… I WANT THEM SHUT DOWN!!

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