Prevent Hundreds of Stray Dogs from Starving to Death

WAIANAE, Hawaii -- A dog peers over a wall as volunteers clean its living area at the Friends for Life Animal Rescue Shelter here March 13. The shelter rescues animals, restores them to health and prepares them for adoption into a loving family.

Target: Alejandro Javier García Padilla, Governor Puerto Rico

Goal: Enforce existing anti-animal cruelty law and promote spaying/neutering to prevent stray dog deaths.

As many as 300 starved, homeless dogs can be found at any given time on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. Many of these dogs are ill, covered in fleas and ticks, but not all. Some seem to have been loved, but abandoned, family pets. Formerly a beach popular with tourists, Playa Lucia has become home to these sad, homeless animals.

Puerto Rico has a pretty harsh law on the books aimed at preventing animal cruelty, but it’s rarely enforced. This law, Law 154, in conjunction with promoting spaying/neutering, would drastically reduce the number of unwanted dogs found at Dead Dog Beach. The SATO dogs organization is making strides to rescue these dogs and bring them to the US to find forever homes.

The SATO dogs organization works to provide food, water, veterinary care, and love to each dog left on Dead Dog Beach. They provide spay and neuter services for dogs healthy enough to undergo surgery. Each dog is given a name and any emergency veterinary care needed. Once dogs are healthy and stable enough for travel, they’re booked on flights to the US where they’re met by either their forever homes, foster parents, or one of the projects many sanctuary partners.

The majority of these dogs, if not recused by the SATO project, will not live past their second birthday. Yet, they’re exactly the type of dog that would make a great  family pet. Small and terrier-like, they’re quick to learn and have the most adorable long ears.

Sign this petition and demand that Puerto Rican officials enforce Law 154 and run campaigns promoting spaying and neutering to save countless innocent dogs from starvation and death.


Dear Mr. Padilla,

The United States via SATO dogs is currently rescuing thousands of dogs from Playa Lucia, now known as Dead Dog Beach, every year. Despite a strict anti-animal cruelty law on the books, Law 154, the abandonment of these animals is allowed to persist unchecked.

In addition to enforcing this law, spaying and neutering the dogs would drastically reduce the number of unwanted dogs born. Puerto Rico needs to run campaigns promoting this surgery and consider funding low-cost spay/neuter clinics to encourage this course of action.

The heart of a person, a culture, can be seen in how it treats its animals. Show the US and the rest of the world that Puerto Rico has a heart that loves even its most unloved animals.


[Your Name]

Photo Credit: US Marine Corps

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  1. If you help defenseless animals,the good you do will come back to you!

  2. I am ashamed of Puerto Rico. Although borned there I have never returned in 40 yrs. My family that still live there tell me horror stories about dogs that are skinny as sticks. Some neighbors poison them.

    A friend visited for vacation. He stated he was feeding a dog by his hotel. Every morning the dog would wait for him. Unfortunately my friend had to return home and he was sick in his heart to know the dog was going to be there waiting for him and he was not going to show up.

    I am ashamed of Puerto Rico. I will never go back there ever! To go there for vacation only to run into these poor starving dogs will break my heart.

    Please do something to help these dogs. They deserve a chance at life. We must share this world with all beings. This world was created for all.

  3. anita culling says:

    Many places have this problem. Its really cruel and could be a simple thing to make better. If people who live in these countries pulled together and tried. Not everyone cares. I always feed and water many animals everyday when i go away, i cant just sit in restaurants etc and eat myself when i see animals starving without doing something. But problem needs tackling from within, neutering and caring.

  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    This is so sad. Many countries have this problem and some organizations are struggling to rescue this innocent animals. Unfortunately the governments dont care and they don’t enforce laws against animal cruelty. No dog or any other animal deserves to be abandoned.

  5. PLEASE take care of our outdoor & stray animals — get as many people on board to make this happen — with teams of caring people, all good things are possible — adopt out these animals to caring people — for those who do NOT get adopted out & who thrive in the outdoors, TNR the dogs & cats & ensure there are caretakers who oversee their needs on a daily basis. Trust me, there are people waiting to do this — PLEASE take care of these animals — do it for the animals who so desperately need care & love, do it for the communities who surely need help in caring for these animals — PLEASE, the world is watching.

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