Stop Zoo from Allowing Visitors to Swim with Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cub

Target: Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida

Goal: Rehome tiger cubs allegedly forced to swim all day with people at zoo and close the facility down if they are found guilty.

Swimming with an overly-worked tiger cub is as easy as paying $200 to a particular zoo. Activists need to take action in order to try and ensure such alleged abuse does not continue.

The particular zoo—Wild Things—has reportedly been in trouble before for mistreating animals, including for lowering a tiger cub by the tail into the pool because its behavior indicated it did not want to be placed in the water. However, even though the zoo was officially warned by the USDA to stop treating animals in this manner, the treatment has been said by many to continue. In fact, it is now reported that the USDA has filed a lawsuit against the zoo for this reason.

According to media sources, the zoo’s owners are not only allowing this to still happen, but they are also apparently claiming these swim sessions are “done for the animal’s benefit.”

Sign this petition and urge the attorney general of Florida to suggest that these animals be rehomed and that the facility be immediately closed down if the zoo is found guilty of committing this horrific animal abuse. If tiger cubs really wanted to swim, it is highly doubtful that zookeepers would have to lower the animals into the water by the tail.


Dear Attorney General Bondi,

It has been reported that tiger cubs are being forced to swim with paying customers at a private Florida zoo on a daily basis. If such wretched abuse is taking place, it is important that the tiger cubs be immediately rehomed and that this zoo be forced to close its doors in order to prevent other animals from experiencing this same type of horrific treatment.

Wild Things has allegedly been in trouble in the past for abusing animals. In fact, USDA officials reported that they saw a tiger cub lowered into the pool by its tail and pulled out by its right front leg. Because the incident was said to cause the animal both physical and mental stress, zoo officials were told they needed to immediately quit treating the animals in this manner. Since it was later reported that they have not done so, the USDA is now filing a lawsuit.

Sadly, zoo owners are allegedly refusing to stop these swims because they claim such interactions are good for the tigers. However, if this was the case, it is highly unlikely that the animals would have to be lowered into the water by the tail, as this seems to be a pretty clear indication that the tigers do not want to go swimming.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to recommend that these tiger cubs be placed in a reputable sanctuary and that this zoo be forced to close its doors if such things are proven to be taking place. No animal deserves to be exploited for large sums of cash just so people can go home and brag to their friends.


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Photo Credit: Auburn Alumni Association

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  1. STOP this CRUELTY to these TIGER CUBS by making them stay I the water longer than they want too!!!!
    These Zoo Keepers should swim with these tourists and NOT ALLOWED out when the zoo keepers want out and make these zoo keepers in the water for at least 8 hours without getting out once!!!!!!!

  2. This is yet another shameful practice which exploits vulnerable animals, solely in the name of profit. Simple as that. Zoo keepers, private and public, have a duty of care for the animals they house. The Tiger cubs should be removed to a safe place and the zoo keepers license revoked.

  3. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Close this horrible hell whole! This beautiful animals were not borned to live in captivity. They where deprived of their freedom and on top of that have to endure the ill treatment of this scumbags. When will humans learn to respect and cherish other creature?

  4. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Florida has tons of animal cruelty going on under the radar, but this one is a no-brainer. Wild Things should be relatively easy to prosecute. Do it.

  5. Heather Brophy says:


  6. PLEASE, let’s think of the tiger cubs — let’s place what’s best for them at the top of the agenda — they belong either in their natural habitats with their families OR in a tiger sanctuary whereby professionals can properly care for them.

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