Ban Captive Exotic Animal Hunts in the U.S.

Lion Target: Daniel M. Ashe, Director at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Goal: Ban cruel canned hunting of exotic animals in the United States. One of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services' (FWS) main functions is to protect endangered species, yet canned hunts of exotic wild animals in the United States are merely a Google search away. The United States and the world roared with the murder of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, yet many are unaware that this type of hunting occurs in our own country every day. With companies advertising that any species is available to hunt with a little notice, we need to ensure that the captive breeding and sale for canned trophy hunting of exotic wild animals become illegal. Canned hunting is where private or commercial ranches provide captive-bred or wild-captured animals in confined areas for trophy hunters to slaughter, often dying a slow and agonizing death. There is no chance for survival by the animals as hunters lie hidden, lure the animals to feeding stations where they are drugged, and shoot them in cages. The ranches guarantee every hunter a successful hunt. The animals are guaranteed misery, torture, and death. These exotic animals are acquired from breeders, zoos, and auctions. They are made possible by a public that wants to pay to play with cute lion or tiger cubs, not realizing where these animals end up after they are too big to handle and interact with the public. They are sold by educational institutions that demand a new cub annually for their mascot, not bothering to care for the cub after it is used up within one season. There is currently no U.S. law that bans, oversees, or regulates the hunting of exotic animals on private or commercial ranches, rather state wildlife agencies are tasked with overseeing these private hunting activities. As these canned hunts occur on private lands, there are no caps on the numbers of kills allowed per hunter. Hunters are also not required to have a hunting license nor do they need to have any experience with firearms, which often leads to even more suffering and agony by the dying animals. By signing this petition below, you will urge U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Daniel M. Ashe to ban private and commercial ranches from providing canned hunts of exotic wild animals before any more animals are slaughtered for sport. PETITION LETTER: Dear Director Ashe: The barbaric slaughtering of exotic wild animals in canned hunts on United States soil must be stopped. As the backlash against the Chicago dentist who murdered Cecil the lion shows, most Americans do not approve of trophy hunting in any form and find the practice repugnant and immoral. If they were aware that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service does nothing to curb these hunting practices, they would be appalled. Not only is the process of canned hunting cruel and torturous, it is not sporting in any manner. The animals have no chance of escape – their every attempt leads to a fence. Many of these exotic animals trust humans due to having been raised in captivity, only to be shot in the face while seeking comfort and refuge from someone they thought they could trust. I am urging you to save the exotic captive-bred and wild animals currently being used for this inhumane activity. Please take actions to force the end of the wholesale slaughter of these magnificent animals. Sincerely, [Your Name Here] Photo Credit: Dave M. Hunt

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  1. Heather Brophy says:


  2. Rachel Menti says:

    I am itching for human hunting, let the hunters be the hunted and how thrilling it,would be to have,them locked,in a perimeter. I could control population hunt for research and see how long it takes for them to bleed out from my crossbow in their back. reverse trophy hunting now. I want human heads on my walls. I’m so sick of these people and would trade my life to see this end

    • Johanna Janssen says:

      I am completely with you. The bunch of bastards make also a murderer out of me. I am bloodthirsty for hunters.

  3. No more ridiculous canned hunts.

  4. Only monster-idiots participate in such a horrific, brutal & mindless activity — WHAT KIND OF SOCIETY ALLOWS THIS! — This is cruel, unconscionable, immoral, insane, callous, hateful == PLEASE immediately place a permanent ban on canned hunting === canned hunting should NOT be permitted at all costs === animals should NEVER be used in such a depraved manner — it’s needless, cruel & irrational == THE HORROR & torturous suffering INFLICTED ON THESE MAGNIFICENT ANIMALS IS BEYOND THE PALE — SHAME ON ALL OF YOU — Canned hunting should be banned & NOT permitted EVER! == WHO’S IN CHARGE? === WHERE ARE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS?

  5. Julie Keeney says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that we too had sunk to the same level as all the greedy blood thirsty countries in Africa that started this. We should be better than this. It’s unsportsmanlike and it’s keeping us savage and vicious and it’s just no way to behave. We have to be the good example. We cannot allow that here. We already killed off most our wildlife. We have no business bringing in non native species when we wont even leave enough space and food for the native ones we still have to survive. This would be a shameful embarrassment for our country, and as a self proclaimed boss of the world, you must not take the unkind, unnecessary life wasting action of allowing canned anything hunts to occur in the USA. Unacceptable.

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