Save Koalas from Going Extinct


Target: Professor Helene Marsh (Qld), Chair of the Threatened Species Scientific Committee

Goal: Protect koala habitat in an effort to better ensure koalas will not die off.

Koalas are declining in rapid numbers because the trees where they spend a majority of their time are being quickly chopped down. Activists need to take action to try and protect these animals’ habitats so they do not become a thing of the past.

Roads are being built where there were once trees, increasing the risk that the animals will be hit by cars. In addition, when houses are built in place of the trees that once covered the particular land, the animals are in greater danger of being attacked by the dogs of the people who now live in the newly built houses.

Currently, about 80 percent of the koalas' habitat is almost completely ruined due to human encroachment. Only a small portion of this land is now protected. This is ironic when one considers that the koala is a protected species. Yet, because the koala’s habitat is constantly being destroyed, about 4,000 of these animals are killed by cars and dogs every year.

Urge officials to protect larger areas of the eucalyptus forests where these animals live in order to help save them. If we don’t do something now, koalas may soon have no place in the wild that solely belongs just to them.


Dear Professor Marsh,

Several trees are being chopped down, making it so koalas have less and less natural habitat to dwell in. If something is not done, habitat destruction may quickly lead to this species’ demise.

When trees are cut down in order to build new roads, the number of koalas hit by cars increases. Koalas are also much more likely to be attacked by peoples’ dogs when this happens, as a result of residents moving into developed areas with their dogs.

While it is good news that the koala is a protected species, it is horrible news that almost all of their habitat remains unprotected. Since 80 percent of their habitat has already been destroyed due to human encroachment, these animals will likely die off within the next few years if people are allowed to continue to destroy the eucalyptus forests where these animals live.

Alarmingly, 4,000 koalas are either killed by dogs or hit by cars each year. These statistics are a clear reminder of just how in danger these animals truly are.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to stand behind this issue and to suggest legislation be set in place that forbids crucial koala habitat from being destroyed even further. If something is not done today, our kids may only see these beautiful animals in pictures tomorrow.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Heather Paul

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  1. Perhaps Australia no longer deserves creatures as wonderful and lovable as these animals are. Maybe you just deserve each other and the flood of even more uncaring waves of humanity coming in from Asia and the Near East. Good luck, guys, your gonna love I’m sure.

    • Especially since they will probably bring their dog meat eating festivals with them. Check out that activity from the lower regions of Hell.

  2. Carol C Brown says:

    How sad that we allow these beautiful animals to decline so much in number. One day we will no longer have any wildlife anywhere due to human cruelty and lack of compassion for animals. I fear for their future as we continue to allow their habitat to be destroyed. Those invading our countries from the middle east have even less regard for animals.

  3. Heather Brophy says:


    • “…under the devil”, you speak truth. I worry about Australia. Something is going very wrong there, as there is almost a total absence of Jesus the Christ now. Therefore no man can find God. And that’s the truth. And all of the animals will pay the price of living with humans ruled by the devil, in the absence of God, the Creator. Horribly depressing, especially IF YOU ARE A KOALA!

  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    I’m so sad and angry at the same time to see how humans are destroying the precious hábitats of other creatures. When will we learn to respect other creatures right to live free and protected in their natural hábitats. At the end their destruction will take us to our own doom.

  5. Je suis une femme qui aime tout les animaux je suis menbre d un groupe top contre la cruautés envers les animaux je ne parle et comprend que le français je suis de Bruxelles

  6. Let’s save our koalas — let’s be their voice — our natural environment NEEDS our koalas — our planet NEEDS our koalas —- we MUST protect them!

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