Save This Polar Bear From Oil Drilling


Target: Barack Obama, President of the United States

Goal: Outlaw drilling for oil in the Arctic.

An emaciated polar bear is walking around in the Arctic Circle. Activists need to urge legislators to make drilling for oil in the Arctic illegal in order to better ensure that other animals will not end up in the same state as a result of climate change.

Some scientists speculate that the small bear may have tried to kill a walrus—as indicated by a wound on its body–so it could eat. Polar bears usually eat ringed seals instead of walruses. However, because climate change has melted the ice in the region so quickly, many polar bears are unable to hunt for seals in the water and are forced to stay on land and live off of their reserves for as long of a time period as possible. Once reserves run low, the bears are forced to eat whatever they can find to stay alive, which is likely how the emaciated polar bear got its wound. In reference, the problem of animals starving in the Arctic is becoming so problematic one conservationist stated that she sees an average of one really skinny polar bear per year in the region.

Allowing drilling in the Arctic will only continue to make things worse for the animals that live there, as massive amounts of chemicals are released into the air when drilling takes place, making humidity levels and temperatures quickly increase. As a result, ice melts and polar bears are unable to stand on large patches of ice to hunt for seals in the water.

Sign this petition and demand that the endless cycle of drilling not be started in the Arctic. If we don’t do something now, many more polar bears may soon become emaciated and likely also extinct.


Dear President Obama,

A polar bear that will likely soon be dead from starvation is walking around the Arctic Circle. If drilling takes place there, many more animals are likely to end up in this same horrible state.

Although some people believe the bear is in this particular condition because it’s simply sick and old, a wound on its body indicates that it may have tried to fight a walrus in order to kill it for food. As scientists indicate, polar bears usually eat ringed seals unless they have no other choice. Because ice is melting at such rapid rates in the Arctic, this bear was likely forced to stay on land longer and may have tried to eat the walrus, as hotter temperatures could have easily made it so the bear was not able to hunt for seals.

If drilling begins in the Arctic, it will likely not stop. Chemicals will constantly make the atmosphere hotter and create more humidity that will–again–make temperatures rise. Several animal species will be in danger of going extinct as a result of making such a poor choice.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to implement legislation that would make drilling for oil in the Arctic illegal. If something is not done now, there will soon be many more horrifying pictures that surface of emaciated polar bears walking around in the region, rather than only one.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Kerstin Langenberger

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  1. sharon pollard says:

    What a horrible fate for this poor bear and all the rest of them who are trying to survive. They need help and we need to do the right thing and help all wildlife there.

  2. michael guest says:

    The fight against oil drilling is getting harder and harder. We must take more action and keep the Arctic protected and off-limits. Allowing any more oil will only make it worse for the wildlife that call it home. We still must help before it’s too late.

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Oh Dear God! That poor bear is near death! Please, stop drillling in the artic!! MR President..I thought you cared about animals???? This pic is heart breaking:(



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