Don’t Strap Pigs to Table to Shoot Them


Target: Professor Peter Crampton, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Division of Health Sciences

Goal: Stop strapping pigs to tables and shooting them in order to study blood-spatter patterns.

Pigs were allegedly strapped down to a table and viciously shot all for the purpose of studying blood-spatter patterns. Activists need to take action to ensure these types of cruel experiments do not take place in the future.

Reports indicate the study was conducted by the University of Otago in New Zealand and that it was published in the Journal of Legal Medicine. Patterns of blood, bone and brain spatter were recorded after the pigs were allegedly restrained and shot with a Glock semi-automatic pistol. According to sources, scientists claim the experiment was done to gain a better understanding as to how people die when they are killed by similar means.

While the university has reportedly proclaimed to animal welfare groups that they could not have used computer models or mannequins for the study, pigs are not at all similar to humans, likely making the results from such an experiment not completely accurate. Therefore, the data that the university would have gained from using either computer models or mannequins probably would have been just as valid as the data that was said to have been collected in the original study.

Sign this petition and demand the university cease all similar types of cruel experiments at once and that they no longer perform such experiments in the future. No animal deserves to be killed in such a horrific manner, especially when there are other ways available to retrieve the data.


Dear Professor Crampton,

It was reported that the science department at your university recently conducted and wrote up a study that explained how different blood-spatter patterns are established when pigs are shot at close range. Because such experiments are extremely inhumane, it is important that experiments of a similar nature not be conducted in the future.

Although scientists may proclaim that data from such a study could better help to solve murder cases, pigs and humans are not similar, likely making the data from this said experiment not entirely relevant. It is further highly probable that data derived from a similar study on either mannequins or computer models would have been just as reliable as the results that were collected from the particular study. While it is unlikely that performing experiments on animals will stop, cruel experiments of this magnitude should not be condoned.

For all of these reasons, I urge the university to not perform similar scientific studies in the future. No animal ever deserves to be treated in such an inhumane manner.


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Photo Credit: USDA ARS Website

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  1. It becomes painfully more clear every day that animals
    are the most innocent victims of humanity’s ignorance,
    arrogance and greed…. I can’t help saying it again and
    again, but most animals are living closer to the image
    of God than most humans are…. Humans have been en-
    trusted with a very sacred responsibility in caring for
    the Earth and all her living creatures, and yes, some
    unsung humans are doing just that — but when cruelty to animals goes rampant like this, with humans coming up
    with every conceivable evil to commit against animals,
    (often with the blind idea that animals have no feelings?)— then humans have crossed the line and
    become like Nazis, trying to play “Creator” in the
    worst possible way…. All I can say is, “They will
    reap what they sow….” because I believe our TRUE
    Creator has a sense of true justice, where humanity
    fails….and most importantly, these innocent victims
    deserve some compassion….

    • Aptly written. Yes! More & more IUR VOICES are becoming ONE & TOGETHER WE ARE A STRONG VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS! Keep on posting friends! I am proud of ALL OF YIU COMMENTING. THANK you.

    • They deserve as much compassion as we do. And the lack of empathy and the outright cruelty and sadism we employ with them, is now spilling over into the most recondite of spaces of this doomed race. we treat them like we treat mother earth.. if we could rape her we would, because this race has become degenerate. And with the increase in total numbers, coupled with dwindling resources, will just result in ever more naked hate and aggression between individuals, social groups and nations. Nothing good can come out of this and the end will be fitting.

  2. What a disgusting thing to do. Shooting pigs just to see the direction of blood spatter? I thought man was intelligent!


  4. Barbaric sons of bitches. Strap down death row convicts and study their blood splatters… Fucking morons.

  5. What a ridiculous pointless waste of lives. Absolutely appalling

  6. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    The level of an animal’s intelligence should not matter. All animals have a central nervous system and the ability to feel pain, not to mention emotions, and this torturous act being inflicted on these live animals is so damn unnecessary. My heart aches for all of the beautiful souls in the Animal Kingdom who fall victim to torture and murder at the hands of humans…

  7. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING! — This is so horrific, it’s beyond the pale — it’s cruel, immoral, unconscionable, irrational, hateful & merciless — These absurd so-called “experiments” should be SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY — there are in existence alternative non-lethal, humane methods for this kind of research NOT using animals. What’s more, your idiotic experiments are outrageously useless & impractical AND will not result in any benefit to anyone.

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