Urge New Zealand to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticide


Target: Sarah Gardner, General Manager of proposal team at the New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)

Goal: Ban the use and sale of neonicotinoid sulfoxaflor, a chemical that is threatening bees’ existence.

The U.S. recently banned the use of a chemical on agricultural crops that was shown to have a negative effect on bees’ existence. The chemical can be sprayed onto any seed before planting and would cause the plant to remain toxic to all insects throughout the entire harvesting season. For farmers, the pesticide would seem to be a saving grace for their crops. The same cannot be said for bees.

Questions began to arise about bees and their existence when bees began to experience Colony Collapse Disorder. By 2007, over a third of U.S. beehives had collapsed and different areas of Europe reported up to fifty percent of bee colonies gone.

The chemical has been found to weaken bees’ immune system and hinder the central nervous system, causing failures in their communication and directional skills. When the advocacy group GE Free New Zealand submitted a formal request to New Zealand’s EPA, the reply was not in support of the movement. The EPA stated that they would need to pay the association and submit official forms. The issue should not get attention at the cost of New Zealand’s residents and concerned environmentalists. Bees’ existence is an incredibly relevant and time-sensitive issue. Their numbers are declining by the day and action needs to be taken. Sign this petition and Urge New Zealand’s EPA to take action on the issue and ban the use of these harmful chemicals killing the bees.


Dear Sarah Gardner,

I am writing you today regarding the demand to ban harmful pesticides used by New Zealand’s farmers that are having harmful effects on bees’ existence. The advocacy group GE Free New Zealand recently contacted your Association and was left with a disheartening reply calling for payment. Bees are an obviously essential part of the agricultural world and their protection should not come at the cost of the citizens of New Zealand.

Use your voice among the Association to urge action on this issue. Bees account for the pollination of nearly ninty percent of produce. Without their colonies pollinating the crops, there will be extreme losses affecting not only your country, but also the import/export relationships you have with other countries In 2010, fruits and vegetables accounted for 121 million dollars for New Zealand. Their existence is necessary for a functioning agricultural system and the issue needs to be presented as relevant and time-sensitive to your Association.

We urge you to support the ban on the sale of these chemicals to farmers. Follow in the U.S.’ footsteps and prioritize the existence of bees over the corporations fighting to sell their harmful chemicals.


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Photo credit: Charles J. Sharp

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  1. Colony Collapse is an extremely grave matter. If there is even a hint of problem with substances regarding the health of bees, they must be taken off the market ASAP. If New Zealand cannot understand this, they rank among the bottom feeders of world nations. WAKE UP, NZ, and prohibit all us of these neonicotinoids and similar lethal products

  2. Linda Amundson says:

    The world needs bees. I don’t know if it happens in New Zealand but here, in the USA, bees get hauled around by trucks to different parts of the country to pollinate. If that’s not surprising enough, many of these bees are fed SUGAR WATER to replace the honey (and nutrients) they normally feed on. No wonder they’re dying! Stop killing bees with this insecticide. We need to take care of bees and they will take care of us. Truth.

  3. Simon Wooliscroft says:

    We need bees form many things. We will suffer too of they go extinct. We must save them.

  4. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER — STOP killing our bees and our delicate eco-system.

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