Investigate Las Vegas Horse Massacre

captured mustang, starving horse

Targets: BLM Director Neil Kornze and Deputy Inspector General Mary Kendall

Goal: Stop the unnecessary suffering and death of America’s wild horses.

A group of over 200 wild horses west of Las Vegas were found to be enduring starvation conditions on and around federal land, and 28 have since died at human hands. When the BLM found the emaciated mustangs, who were in their charge, they opted to kill a score of the exhausted and hungry creatures. We need to pool our voices in demanding a federal investigation regarding the decision-making process responsible for the death of these majestic animals and the conditions under which they came to be starving in the first place.

The herd was found some 30 miles west of Las Vegas near the BLM-administered Red Rock Canyon National Park. The federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for administering the land as well as “protect[ing] and manag[ing] wild horses and burros,” according to the BLM’s own website. The New York Times reported that the BLM justified their decision on the grounds that the horses had apparently been reduced to eating “desert shrubs” with “little or no nutritional value” after being forced to travel “10 or more miles” to find any sustenance because of “extreme drought and lack of forage.” As a result, 28 of the equestrian climate refugees were so close to starvation by the time the BLM happened upon them that BLM officials saw fit to “euthanize” them.

When the BLM’s response to starving horses is lethal, there is cause for rigorous investigation and firm reaction. We are observing a gross mismanagement of one of our most treasured domestic wildlife populations either 1) directly through BLM neglect and misconduct, or 2) through allowing climate change to proceed in such an unfettered fashion that ending dozens of innocent lives was in fact the least of all evils. It is imperative that the Department of the Interior, the BLM’s parent agency, conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and make swift, sweeping changes to BLM practices in order to protect and manage wild horses and their habitats.


Dear Director Kornze and Deputy Inspector General Kendall,

This September, over 200 wild horses on and around federal lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management were found to be starving to death, due to drought and depletion of foraging stocks.  Agents of the Bureau of Land Management went on to kill 28 of these wild horses that the Bureau has a duty to protect and manage.

In light of this recent, unnecessary loss of American national treasures at the hands of Bureau of Labor Management agents, it is undeniably your duty to promptly pursue a thorough investigation into the cause of this tragedy so that similar events can be prevented in the future. I urge you to carry out that duty.

Further, if the investigation concludes that Bureau of Land Management officials had the means to prevent the conditions that led to the killings, or that the horses could have been saved by any reasonable means despite the condition they were found in, I demand swift recourse for responsible officials and the implementation of prevention strategies.

Sincerely, [Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Cat Kindsfather

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  1. We have to stop this cruelty.

  2. I already was sent some information about this the photos I saw look pretty bad the horses have been starving for a long time because of the drought conditions that is going on all over the western states. These animals are supposed to be looked after by the BLM instead all the BLM wants to do is round them up to extinction which is what has been happening all along. I think the BLM knew these horses were starving and ignored them hoping they would all die and the BLM along with their buddies the ranchers would have whatever grazing there was left. What might be happening too is a long term drought that might last hundreds of years which has happened before with one drought lasting eight hundred years. If that’s the case then nothing is likely to survive in these areas.

  3. Ravinder Sngh says:

    Tell these bastards to stop spending money on their fucking luxuries and that little small part can do good for these animals. How can these animals have some thing to eat because every thing is eaten by these fat pot belly bastards.

  4. caryl sawyer says:

    It is only a matter of time before this negligent bunch of thugs are investigated. My tax money! Your tax money!

    Massive rip-off!

  5. Myrna Burdick says:

    The BLM and Forest Service are agencies which are responsible for the lives of wild horses and burros but do a “piss-poor” job of protecting these animals. Over the years they have captured the horses, put them in small areas and used a large part of their budget feeding them. And now they put them up for auction and if they are not bought they ship them off to the slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada.

    These are intelligent animals, if left where they started out learn to live off of natural vegetation.
    Today while traveling from northern AZ to my home
    near Phoenix I stopped at an area where wild horses live and prosper – a small group (10-11) were browsing on tree branches – the Forest Service recently tried to round up these horses and within 2 days there were 30,000 people who signed protests and we also had the support of the Governor and both Senators.

    The forest service had some lame excuse about the horses endangering the hikers -pure bull shit!

    Protests need to look at who is behind this – I think the cattlemen are responsible –they are too
    stinking cheap to feed their animals on their own land, they want all the open federal land. They pay a small fee per animal (which I am sure they lie about how many animals they have out on the land). Then they haul the cows into feed lots where their cash crop are fed corn and hormones and sometimes ground up dead animals and they sit on piles of shit and suffer. Protest by refusing to eat beef and let your markets know that you refuse to allow horses to be deprived of food because of the cattle industry.

  6. Animal’s serve Humans & are rewarded by death or worse! These money hungry pieces of garbage, deserve to choke on their own vomit. I never EAT MEAT.These bureaucrats need to stand up & STOP this unnecessary killing!

  7. betsy andersen says:

    Red Rock looked green to me the other day. took plenty of pictures.

  8. Brenda Turner says:

    Please please please dont slaughter anymore horses and burros.

  9. Simon Wooliscroft says:

    Something has clearly gone wrong here. These horses should not have been allowed to get like this. The BLM just killed them and washed their hands of it. Bastards! They were trying to avoid any responsibility which clearly faals within their remit.

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