Don’t Destroy Delicate Wildlife Habitat


Target: Jim Benson, Executive Director of the University of Texas System, University Lands

Goal: Cease all fracking on land that is home to several endangered species and migratory birds.

Fracking is quickly destroying homes of several endangered species and migratory birds. Activists need to fight to stop this in order to try and save as many ecosystems as possible.

The fracking process is done by inserting chemicals and water into shale rock to try and find oil and gas beneath the ground. Currently, it is being done along the Pecos River. The land is owned by the University of Texas, an educational institution that should care more about preserving such delicate habitats.

Trees have to be bulldozed so that roads can be built to reach the site where fracking will take place. Doing this fragments the entire habitat. Food sources and plants are destroyed, and potential animals searching for mates usually cannot find them, as those animals often leave the particular area to try to find food and protective covering.

Animals’ water supply is quickly diminished when fracking occurs. In fact, six billion gallons of water have been used to try and find hidden gas and oil in the ground on University of Texas land. Considering Texas just got over a four-year drought, diminishing either animals’ or peoples’ water supply is not a good idea.

Water is also automatically polluted when it is mixed with chemicals and drilled into the ground. Animals can be poisoned in wastewater ponds and tanks that are used to try to detoxify the water, and recycling the water does not always completely clean it. Furthermore, wastewater ponds attract mosquitos that may carry West Nile Virus, a deadly disease to both birds and humans.

Sign this petition and demand fracking on land that is home to several endangered species and migratory birds be stopped. If we don’t protect our land today, it will likely not be there for our kids tomorrow.


Dear Director Benson,

Land that houses several migratory birds and endangered species is currently being fracked. If this is not stopped, many animals will likely die as a result.

It is surprising that the University of Texas would not be more amenable to protecting these delicate habitats. Despite what the industry claims, fracking is vastly harmful to ecosystems. Roads need to be built in order to drive the large equipment to the fracking site. Food sources and plants are destroyed, making it so animals living in the particular area leave to try and find food and more secure homes someplace else.

The animals’ water supply is depleted within a short amount of time after fracking starts. Six billion gallons of water have already been used for the purpose of fracking on university land. Since Texas just ended a four-year drought, continuing to diminish the state’s water supply is not helpful to neither animals nor people.

Animals are further poisoned in wastewater ponds and tanks when workers try to detoxify and recycle original water. Not only is the water still usually filled with pollutants after it’s recycled, but mosquitos that may carry West Nile Virus are also attracted to the wastewater ponds as a result of the water being unclean.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to end fracking on land that provides important homes to endangered species and migratory birds. If the practice is going to continue, this particular land should at least be preserved for both the sake of trying to maintain unique wildlife, as well as for the sake of future generations.


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Photo Credit: Ruhrfisch

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  1. Fracking is a danger to everyone. It is poisoning the environment–air, water, soil, and our precious wildlife.

    The companies involved even want to keep secret the various chemicals used in the process!

    Do not allow fracking on land where wildlife reside!

  2. Our birds need their homes — our wildlife needs their natural habitat — our earth needs our natural environment and eco-system.

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