Demand MAC Cosmetics Resume Cruelty-Free Policy

M.A.C. is Funding Animal Testing to Sell in China

Target: William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman, Estee Lauder Companies

Goal: Stop selling MAC cosmetics in China and resume cruelty-free policy.

MAC Cosmetics is now paying for animal testing so it can sell its brand overseas. Since its inception, MAC has been a cruelty-free cosmetic brand. The company proudly guaranteed that neither it nor its suppliers tested on animals. This has now tragically changed. Bought out by Estee Lauder Companies, MAC has begun selling cosmetics in China, a country with antiquated and inhumane testing policies.

Reneging on its animal welfare commitment, MAC’s cruelty-free policy now reads: “Our products are not tested on animals except when absolutely mandated by law.” This is offensive for two reasons. One, pure greed has driven one of the world’s most successful cosmetic companies to begin selling its products in China. There is no doubt that MAC has a very strong hold on the cosmetics industry elsewhere. Why would it need to sell in China?

The second reason this is offensive is that by changing the wording to cruelty-free policy, the company appears to be blaming China for the sudden “animal testing” line that it added to its expense ledgers. Yes, ideally, China is to blame, and this country should be pressured to follow suit with the United States and Europe and change its inhumane animal testing policies, but let’s reach a little deeper here. Can we encourage China to change its policies? Sure, we can try. Will it do so if our companies are willing to change their policies in order to sell in China? No, of course it won’t. It doesn’t have to.

Rather than attempting to blame China, MAC has a moral obligation to make the choice some of its competitors have. Pangea, Paul Mitchell and Urban Decay have all refused to sell their products in China until the country changes its animal testing laws. What stopped MAC from doing the same? Greed.

Demand MAC resume its cruelty-free policy and stop selling its cosmetics in China until the animal testing policies behind the red curtain have changed. There is no excuse to renege on such an important issue, and it’s even more inexcusable that MAC is funding the animal testing itself.


Dear Mr. Lauder,

I will speak on behalf of animal rights in this letter and in my shopping habits. I will no longer buy MAC or Estee Lauder products until you resume your cruelty-free policies. If you must test on animals to sell your products in China, I am no longer interested in buying from your company.

Other companies have refused to sell overseas because of China’s cruel animal testing laws. It is a shame that you have not stepped up to the plate as your competitors have. Thankfully, us consumers who remain resolute to avoid cosmetics that have been tested on animals have options aside from your brands.

To sell your cosmetics in China, rabbits are restrained and their eyes are burned with irritants to see how dangerous these substances would be in your cosmetics. After enduring the severe pain of the irritants, the rabbits are killed inhumanely. You, Mr. Lauder, should be ashamed of yourself. MAC demanded cruelty-free product in the manufacturing of its cosmetics and your greed has changed that and caused the suffering and death of many innocent animals.

You can be rest assured I will never buy an Estee Lauder Company product again, including MAC. Stop testing on animals just so you can sell your products in China. You certainly make enough money here.


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  1. This is appalling, those brands who have quite literally sold out to China or bigger companies, throwing away their ethics for cash are abusing animals and being disloyal to their customers, who rely on trust that the companies they researched and bought from in the past will not change their cruelty free status at the drop of a hat. Make no mistake the reality is known by many ethical consumers and they will switch to ethical alternatives

  2. Natasha polychuk Natasha polychuk says:

    i would bever buy mac

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