Success: Michigan County Bans Gas Chamber Euthanasia


Target: Berrien County Commissioner, Mac Elliot

Goal: Praise Berrien County for banning euthanasia of animals in gas chambers.

Inhumane animal euthanasia, such as the use of gas chambers, is still a common practice in some parts of Michigan. Gas chamber euthanasia is the cruel practice of locking animals in a box with carbon monoxide that causes the innocent animal to panic and suffocate. The majority of the world now prefers the more humane lethal injection for animal euthanasia, but not all states have joined in on that view. Berrien County in Michigan was one of the last two counties in the entire state that still used gas chambers, but not anymore. On August 27, 2015 the Berrien County Board of Commissioners all voted on a resolution that orders that lethal injection be the only standard form of euthanizing animals. Berrien County will permanently stop all uses of gas chambers as a form of euthanasia at its animal control facility in about three months.

This decision was reached by the support of the Berrien County community and many petitions, including this petition from ForceChange that called for an end to gas chambers in Michigan. Sadly euthanasia by gas chambers is still considered legal in Michigan despite the fact that the majority of the state does not use it. Nonetheless, it is a hopeful sign to see that now almost all of the counties are choosing to end the use of gas chambers on their animals.

Berrien County is now working on building a new shelter for their animals. Commissioners are hoping that a better facility will improve the county’s animal control practices overall. Please sign this petition to thank Berrien County for abandoning gas chambers as a form of euthanasia.


Dear Commissioner Mac Elliot,

Animal supporters celebrated a huge victory now that Berrien County in Michigan has decided to end the cruel use of gas chambers as a form of animal euthanasia. Berrien County was one of the last two counties in Michigan that still used gas chambers to euthanize animals.

The Berrien County community worked really hard to make this effort possible for the animals. If an animal absolutely needs to be put down for medical reasons, then it needs to be done in a humane manner. It is great that Berrien County is now adopting new ways and techniques to take care of their animals. Hopefully, all of Michigan will soon give up using gas chambers as a standard form of euthanasia.


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  1. Thank you!

  2. It is awful to think that thinking individuals are still gassing innocent and helpless animals!!! I firmly believe that there is a special reserved place in HELL for all those who have killed animals and who continue doing so!!! No kill is the only answer!!! Other states have worked toward going NO KILL and have done it! It IS possible!!! What about having free spay/neuter laws, low cost adoption fees to get more animals adopted? There are also trap, neuter, and release programs! Educating citizens on what really happens to animals in kill shelters, offering low cost adoptions, getting more people to foster animals, providing free spay/neuter surgeries, buckeling down on breeders, and stopping them, puppy mills, and pet stores from contributing a huge amount to the animal population which can also contribute to how many animals are in the shelters to begin with are all ways to help!!! No animal should be killed!!! They are God’s innocents and He did not create them for people to kill!!! People who kill animals make me sick and ashamed to be in the same human race with them! Killing animals either by gas chambers or lethal injection us heartless, cruel, and wrong!!! Both methods if killing are painful!!!! Thecgas Chambers are a horrible death for obvious reasons!!! Did you ever watch an animal die that way? I watched the video of the workers putting animals into the death box as the animals were trying to jump out and escape death, licking the hands of their killers, crying, barking, whimpering as the heartless people close the top of the killing container!!! Then the gas is turned on and you hear the animals crying and cryingband gasping to be able to take a breath!!! It goes on and on till each of the animals DIES from suffocation!!! When the killers open the box, they continue killing by just starting the process of carrying all the living animals over to the death box and dropping them into the death box RIGHT ON TOPbOF THE ANIMALS WHO WERE JUST KILLED and ARE NIW DEAD!!! They are looking at the dead animals they are forced to stand on top of and they, too, are now crying to escape!!! This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    WRONG and MUST BE STOPPED!!! Killing animals byvlethal injection is NOT AN EASY DEATH EITHER!!! It too, is painful and wrong!!! It is not a fast painful death like those who kill like you to think!!! The animals are again very much afraid, pulled, kicked, and abused as they are taken to their death!!! This method of killing is not fast, easy,
    or painless!!! In fact, it is PAINFUL!!! Please stop killing the animals!!! WHATcIS TAKING THREE MONTHS FORcTHIS SHELTER TObSTOPbKILLING ANIMALS THIS WAY???!!!

    IF the gas chamber has been voted against at this shelter, WHY ARE YOU STILL KILLING THIS WAY FORcTHREE MONTHS????????? What’s wrong with you sick people???? STOP KILLING THE ANIMALS!!! You will know God’s wrath when YOUvwho allow this killing are facing the burning flames of HELL and nobody is helping you!!!! Change your ways and stop the killing or GOD will make sure that YOU, too, will face what the animals go through!!! God takes them to heaven!!! People who kill the animals won’t be that lucky!!!

  3. Is there really much difference? Is this a real success? Is one method much better than the other? I see the costs going up for tax payers. Just as many animals will be killed. Only the method has changed.

  4. BANNING euthanasia altogether is the right thing to do === make this a NO-KILL nation ==== let’s start by making your state a NO-KILL state. ==== Healthy & treatable animals should NEVER be put down, should NEVER be killed, should NEVER be euthanized! ==== Look to NKAC headed by Nathan Winograd to see how it’s done, because we CAN have a NO-KILL nation.

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