Punish Animal Shelter President for Alleged Animal Cruelty


Target: Charlotte County, Florida Attorney Janette Knowlton

Goal: Help ensure president of animal rescue center accused of animal cruelty and abandonment is punished to the maximum extent possible and is never allowed to work with or own animals again.

The president of a Charlotte county animal rescue center in Florida, Every Creature Salvation, is being charged with neglect after a pit bull under their care was found with terrible health conditions that could have been avoided if the workers were doing their job properly. Among the dog’s health problems were malnourishment, emaciation, and weakness to the point of having trouble walking. This poor, innocent animal was left to basically starve to death due to the carelessness and neglect of the employees.

After seeing the vet report and the dog’s pitiful condition, an officer stated that the the law had definitely been broken in this case. This disgusting abuse is unacceptable, especially coming from someone who is president of an animal center. Under no circumstance should this woman be allowed to own or work with animals again.

The president of the center who is allegedly responsible for the cruelty and neglect is due in court soon. Charlotte County Animal Control has asked that the woman never be allowed to own pets again. Please urge the county attorney to protect innocent animals from this abuser by making sure she is punished to the maximum extent if guilty.


Dear Charlotte County Attorney Janette Knowlton,

The president of an animal rescue center is facing animal cruelty and abandonment charges after a pit bull was discovered in terrible health conditions. It was decided that the pitiful condition of the dog was due to neglect. This woman was the president running a shelter that’s responsible for many animals and this cruelty and neglect is simply unacceptable.

Under no circumstances should she ever be allowed to work with or own an animal again. We urge you to help provide protection to innocent animals by helping to ensure this woman is put behind bars so she won’t ever cause another animal to suffer again.


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Photo credit: Jimmy Hsu

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  1. Elizabeth Smock should never be responsible for the health of any animal again. As president it was her responsibility to provide a healthy environment not only for Kenzie
    but for all the animals under her care.From their mission statement:
    To provide a safe and caring refuge for unwanted, abandoned, injured, and homeless animals;
    She betrayed that trust. Her “rescue” shelter should be shut down as well so that no more money is being donated to them:
    and the facebook page taken down to ensure this never happens again.https://www.facebook.com/ECSCreatures/info?tab=overview

  2. Dispicable! Come on… this person MUST be punished now!!

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. There are misinformed and ignorant people who simply do not like Pitbull type dogs (Staffies, Dogos, Presos, etc…) because of the bad rap these animals have received from the media and the police since the 1980s.

    A person who runs a so-called shelter should not discriminate on the basis of breed. She should spend time in jail and be tasked with cleaning the latrine daily– because that’s where she belongs–in the cesspool!

  5. Catherine Dugan says:

    What a cruel, evil, inhumane person she is! She should be fired, immeditely and never be allowed to work with or own an animal of her own!
    In fact, she should be put in a cage and left hungry and nectlected.

  6. Linda Amundson says:

    Elizabeth Smock is the vile woman who is president of Every Creature’s Salvation. How in frick’ name does not only the president of an alleged animal rescue organization but the entire staff ignore a starving dog to this point?? Lack of money?? Stop spending all the money on your pay and buy some bags of that big name crap sold in most stores (I’m not even talking about Ol’ Roy food, extra yuck). Clearly, Elizabeth Smock is in it for the money and her useless underlings need to go, too. All involved need penalties, especially the ‘president’ of this group. Jail, fines, not being allowed to have animals in their ‘care’ ever. Someone did do something to help or we wouldn’t even know about this, so thanks to that person or persons. The rest of them can go frick themselves.

  7. It is so unfortunate that people do not research before a comment is made…. I am a veterinary professional for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to work with this woman on a professional level over the past 4 years….. she would give her last morsel of food to an animal in need… the animals that she has taken in are brought into her care because of the deplorable conditions that other people have created… Every Creature Salvation was created to give these abused animals a second chance…. Kenzie situation if anybody would have taken the time to ask was a mother who just whelped over 10 puppies…. the mother was given supplements..milk replacer vitamins… and a high protein diet while nursing…. unfortunately metabolic needs of the puppies superceded moms ability to maintain a proper body weight…. as soon as this was noticed the puppies were weaned and bottle fed…. a picture does not always speak a thousand words and can often be misrepresented… before a petition is signed maybe everybody who is so quick to judge you should get the facts…. I devote my life on a daily basis to Veterinary medicine…. I have seen many people that deserve this petition…. but not this person on this day

  8. The purpose of a Shelter is to protect & hold & care for animals, indefinitely, until adopted out to or transferred into a caring situation — this is why it’s called a “SHELTER.” — ALL SHELTERS SHOULD HAVE exactly SUCH A RATIONAL, CLEAR-HEADED & COMPASSIONATE POLICY! — Otherwise, it just doesn’t make any sense! — There is absolutely no room for cruelty & callous neglect, especially from a President of a shelter. — Make this so-called President accountable for her crimes against animals & ensure there are to be NO repeats of such crimes ever again. Keeping her away from animals, no matter in what capacity, is an excellent idea. — Let’s do the right thing by our animals — their lives depend on it.

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