End Cruel Duck Festival


Target: Montse Mindan, The Mayor of Roses

Goal: Stop hurting ducks for the sake of tradition.

Ducks are tortured in a festival every year, because citizens find it necessary to continue a tradition. If something is not done to stop this, many more ducks will suffer and likely die as a result.

Ducks are thrown into the sea and brought back to shore by people who race to capture them. An animal rescue organization that has helped the ducks in the past has found that they have not only suffered from high amounts of stress, but that they have also experienced internal hemorrhaging as a result of participants’ actions.

Unfortunately, at the last festival an animal rights activist was beaten with a live duck by one of the event’s supporters, making the festival even more cruel and horrifying than it had been in past years. Because of the shocking incident, the mayor is thinking about ending the tradition once and for all.

Sign this petition and urge Mayor Mindan to carry out with the decision of ending this thoughtless festival for good. Animals do not deserve to be treated like mere objects in a trivial game, and they certainly don’t deserve to be used as weapons against people who are only trying to make others aware of such senseless and heartless practices.


Dear Mayor Mindan,

Each year ducks are hurt in a traditional festival that your city holds. If the festival is not ended for good, many more animals will likely die as a result of this agonizing event.

Animal Rescue Espana has observed that ducks become greatly stressed as a result of being thrown into the sea and retrieved by humans. Even if it can be argued that psychological stresses cannot be proven, the damaging physical toll this event takes on the ducks is apparent. For example, many ducks have been shown to experience internal hemorrhaging after the festival has taken place.

In addition, continuing to hold this festival is sending a message to your citizens that treating animals like disposable objects is perfectly OK. This attitude was clearly displayed in the most recent festival when a lady beat an animal right’s activist with a live duck.

It is for these reasons that I urge you to end this horrible and outdated tradition for good. While heritage is important, it is not as important as treating animals with the respect and decency that they truly deserve.


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  1. What is the matter with you people?!

    Bullfighting and calf-fighting, beating donkeys in some other barbaric festival, hanging and torturing galgos, hunting anything that moves and now this!

    Have you no shame? Your traditions are cruel and utterly barbaric. They have no place in the 21st century. If you want to continue behaving like savages in the Stone Age, go ahead but LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE.

  2. marie therese hanulak says:

    I am embarassed to be human

  3. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Is there some kind of rampant child abuse going on in Spain that the nation-wide animal abuse is considered normal? Or have the torturers of the Spanish Inquisition reincarnated and been put in charge of festivals? Either way, some education is in order here (ie, we have moved from the 16th Century into the 21st).

  4. What kind of sick “tradition” is this?! Spain has a lot of “traditions” that involve horrific animal abuse, and ALL of them should be banned.

    Why is it that humans can be capable of immense kindness, yet, so often choose to be atrociously cruel?!

    This barbaric abuse of sweet and gentle ducks should end RIGHT NOW!

  5. Good freakin’ God, what in the Hell is wrong with people!?!

  6. Figures – another outdated traditional function. Get real

  7. Cynthia Mattera says:

    What the hell is going on in this world? People seem to take pleasure in torturing, hurting, stressing living helpless animals for fun, for sport, for fundraisers or tradition. This is sending a very bad message to children, that its ok to throw a living duck into the water, who is clearly terrified! We are supposed to be the caregivers of animals!!! PLEASE end this tradition in your town!!!!!

  8. what is the matter with these so called human beings, they really are evil vile sickening things, how can you do this to helpless little creatures. i wish them as much pain as i can

  9. Ravinder Sngh says:

    what a way to cover your sick and psychopath mind by giving the name of tradition. All the traditions which are prevailing on this earth in the form of horrific killing is the growth of sick minds.

  10. What’s wrong with these people! Don’t they recognize mental instability when they see it? To be cruel, brutal, to living animals, to those who are at our mercy is not only horrific but such acts, such crimes are perpetrated by irrational & psychopathic people, people who LACK rationality, compassion, level-headedness, conscience, morality –…. clearly, these monsters belong in rubber rooms! Such heinous acts CANNOT and MUST NOT be tolerated — WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?! — WHY DOES SOCIETY ALLOW THEM TO DO THEIR BRUTALITY? STOP THE IDIOTS NOW!

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