Punish Man for Allegedly Dismembering, Flaying, Burning, and Drowning Wild Animals

Target: Jim O’Neill, District Attorney of Forsyth County, North Carolina

Goal: Do not plea out suspect charged with mutilating, torturing, and killing numerous animals for years.

Over a four-year period, a North Carolina man allegedly embarked on a horrific campaign of animal torture and slaughter. Shocking videos reportedly show suspect Caleb Dewald trapping small animals like cats, groundhogs, possums, mice, and squirrels. He then apparently maimed and killed these defenseless animals on film while providing commentary like “my job here is done” and “this is how you get your food cooked.”

The latter sickening alleged statement refers to an incident in which Dewald seemingly burned a squirrel to near-death before sealing the animal into a bag. Other shocking allegations include drowning animals alive, cutting off their tails and other body parts, repeatedly stabbing them, and skinning them alive. A grand jury has indicted Dewald on several counts of animal cruelty. During his upcoming court appearance, however, the possibility of a plea deal is still on the table.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to take this disturbing case to trial and seek the maximum possible penalty.


Dear DA O’Neill,

You have likely heard horror stories of individuals who torture, maim, and kill animals for sick, perverse enjoyment. Such gut-wrenching incidents typically populate background profiles of some of this nation’s worst criminals. These events often leave us to muse about how violent crimes may have ultimately been prevented if only the legal system had intervened during the earliest warning signs.

You have that opportunity for early intervention now. Caleb Dewald is a young man, but he is a young man accused of heinous and vicious crimes against animals, including but not limited to burning, drowning, stabbing, shooting, and flaying. Worse yet, documented footage reportedly details grisly acts allegedly committed by a man who shows no remorse and an ample will to commit the same cruelties time and again. Dewald is, in fact, charged with carrying out these alleged crimes over four years and of gleefully posting them online.

Do not send the wrong dangerous message, and do not let this potential threat to society escape with a slap on the wrist. Prosecute this case to the fullest extent, for the living beings who already reportedly suffered and for any possible future victims that your diligence may save.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Hilmi Isilak


  1. this prick needs to die a slow and painful death. he will serve no useful purpose to humanity, EVER! dirtbags like this exist because of the bullshit laws we have in place. ones that demonize the innocent and protect the scumbags. until that changes these lowlifes will continue on while innocent animals and i am sure people as well will suffer at his hands.

  2. Please deal??? WTF!? The only plea deal should be him pleading for his life as he’s hacked to pieces with a dull machete.

  3. Plea deal??? WTF!? The only plea deal should be him pleading for his life as he’s hacked to pieces with a dull machete.

  4. Alan Pryor, I SO agree with you! This POS should have everything done to him that he did to these innocent and helpless animals. Make it last as long as possible before he dies and then, with a bit of luck, Hell with be waiting for him and his suffering will be endless.

  5. FOR YEARS!?? Color me shocked. North Carolina? Good luck with that. Pos will ever be punished.

  6. Put this piece of shit in prison for life, no plea deal, he is a threat to animals as well as humans. Let him rot in jail for life.

    • For life? No, no, no, no, he needs to be drawn and quartered in a public execution. That punishment is far too generous for him but it is pretty harsh. Get 4 small motorcycles to pull in different directions. It will take about 10 minutes to scatter him to the 4 winds. After that throw his worthless remains in the forest.

  7. Anyone living close to him knows what needs to be done. Draw and quarter that creep.

  8. Kill him slowly

  9. This psychopath has delightfully aired his sadistic and depraved abuse of innocent animals on videos on social media. Is there any way in hell he should get a plea deal? No, no way in hell, he deserves a long jail sentence and a lifetime ban on being within a mile of any animal or young children as he will likely escalate to killing them next. He is sick, he’s a lowlife piece of garbage and deserves nothing but a jail cell, anything less just says ‘oh, it’s okay, abuse animals, we’re good with that’.

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