Stop the Rise of Animal Experiments


Target: Minister of Health Yael German

Goal: Stop the rise of animal experimentation at the maximum pain levels in Israel.

More than half of the animal experiments in Israel last year were conducted at the maximum level of pain for the animal and at least 99 percent of them were put to death once the experiments were finished, according to a recent study.

The Council on Animal Testing revealed the disturbing report stated that 340,000 experiments were conducted on animals in Israel last year and noted that this was a 12.1 percent increase from the previous year. This data doesn’t even include the tens of thousands of animals that are used in tests by the defense establishment. The report also found that there was a rise in using mammals such as monkeys and mice, wherein mice were used in 83.9 percent of experiments. Large mammals used in the experiments include 161 sheep, 48 goats, nine horses, nine donkeys, eight hedgehogs, two foxes, and one camel.

The sharp upward trend of animal experimentation is disturbing to say the least. Animals do not deserve to be cut open and experimented on for the sake of science when we have other means of testing available. Not only this, but half of these experiments allowed the maximum pain level for these poor animals.

This is a trend that needs to be halted in its tracks. Scientists have worked hard to come up with alternatives to be used in place of animal testing and many testing sites ignore these because it is cheaper to test on animals. Please sign the petition below to urge the Minister of Health to promote alternative methods to animal testing and stop this horrible rise in animal experimentation in Israel.


Dear Mrs. Yael German,

As Minister of Health and overseer of the the National Council for Animal Experimentation, I am sure you are aware of the disturbing increase of animal experimentation in Israel. The report that was recently released by the National Council for Animal Experimentation also states that at least half of these experiments allowed the maximum pain level on the animals that were tested.

I am deeply saddened by this trend when there are other available alternatives we can use in place of animals and they do not need to suffer like this. The National Council for Animal Experimentation has the power to approve alternatives to animal use, but has not approved a single alternative yet.

Only three of the Council’s members are representatives of animal welfare organizations, while most of the members are representatives from universities and drug companies. Because of this, it is not surprising that the Council has ignored alternatives and operated in the interests of drug companies.

I am urging you to promote alternatives to animal testing and to stop the rise in unnecessary animal experimentation. We can and should use alternatives to animals who do not deserve this treatment for the sake of science.


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  1. You’d think that (after the Holocaust, and Nazi experimentation on Jews) Israel wouldn’t allow testing on living beings.

  2. Exactly what Rita Grahn said above !!!!!

    Hasn’t it been proven time and time again that vivisection does NOT help humans? Why are these governments refusing to live in the 21st century?

  3. Stan Benton says:

    So Israel is totally cruel to defenseless, innocent animals. No big surprise; they do the same to human beings, only without a supposed “excuse” that it’s for “science”. BDS!

  4. Mahe USE of the EVIL beings wasting time in prisons ALL OVER THE PLANET!!!

  5. Karen Remnant says:

    You said it all Rita! There’s no reason to experiment on animals – period!

  6. Simon Wooliscroft says:

    These kind of animal experiments are needless and should cease. There are alternatives which should be used. I have no objectives if the testing is for veterinary medicine, but this… no more!

  7. I have EVERY objection to ALL experiments performed on nonhumans! It’s wrong, useless, unscientifically-proven, and makes humans MONSTERS! Just BAN it, globally!!!

  8. SHUT DOWN THESE FACILITIES — this irrational, unnecessary brutal cruelty MUST stop! — reputable institutions do NOT use animals — DO use human-based methods such as medical simulation, which is documented to provide equivalent or superior training compared to the use of animals. Make the switch to SIMULATION.

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