Permanently Close Dental Practice Owned by Cecil the Lion’s Killer

Shut Down Cecil the Lion Killer's Business

Target: Gene Winstead, Mayor of Bloomington, MN

Goal: Permanently close dental practice owned by Cecil the lion’s killer so he can no longer use his profits to illegally poach protected wildlife.

Dr. Walter Palmer has been in hiding since it was revealed that he was the man who took Cecil the lion’s life in Zimbabwe. Dr. Palmer’s business, River Bluff Dental, had been closed, but on August 17, 2015, River Bluff Dental reopened its doors for business, albeit with Palmer absent. Mayor Winstead needs to close this business permanently, so that Palmer can no longer earn a profit, as it is obvious this man uses his dental business proceeds to illegally kill wildlife in the United States and abroad.

Cecil the lion’s death is not the first Palmer hunt called into question. In 2006, Palmer was charged with illegally killing a black bear in Wisconsin with his bow and arrow. Palmer allegedly lured the black bear 40 miles out of the territory in which he was permitted to kill it, and then he slayed it. Palmer has a propensity to do this, as he and his guides lured Cecil out of his protected territory before mortally wounding him; the lion suffered for 40 hours before he died.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service pressed charges against Palmer for killing the black bear, and, according to the New York Daily News, U.S. Attorney John Vaudreuil accused Palmer of paying off three guides $20,000 to lie about where the bear was killed. Palmer is a monster, clearly believing he is above U.S. and international law, as he remains in hiding even though he should be extradited to Zimbabwe to answer for Cecil’s death.

Demand that Mayor Winstead and the Bloomington City Council shut down Walter Palmer’s dental business. This man should not be allowed to continue to make a profit that he uses to illegally hunt and slay endangered wildlife. Stop Walter Palmer from collecting hunting trophies now by cutting off his dental business’ profits. We cannot rest until there is justice for Cecil’s inhumane and horrific death.


Dear Mayor Winstead,

While I understand that River Bluff Dental has played an important part in your city’s economy for some time, this business needs to close due to the unethical way in which you use its profits.

The heinous and long-suffering death of Cecil the lion struck an international chord, even with people who aren’t normally involved in or supportive of animal rights. River Bluff Dental’s owner, Dr. Walter Palmer, has blood on his hands, and we now know it isn’t just Cecil’s blood.

Palmer has illegally killed wildlife in the United States as well, and he has been accused by a U.S. Attorney of bribing guides to cover up his acts. Why would you want a man like this, a man who believes he is above international and U.S. law, to run a business in your city?

Yes, hunting is legal, but the type of hunting that Palmer does is not, and this man should not be allowed to profit off anyone, particularly since it appears he uses these profits to hunt endangered wildlife illegally here and abroad.

Shut down River Bluff Dental. Nobody wants to solicit a business owned by a heartless man who preys on innocent and endangered wildlife, decapitates the heads for his trophies, and then tries to skirt the authorities after he’s broken the law. Do you want this business in your city?


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Photo credit: Mathias Appel

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  1. yes, close this vile person down, make him earn his money some other way, like hard work, make him want something in this life that he cannot have, and suffer on the way.

  2. Cecily Colloby says:

    Surely no self -respecting person would actually WANT this cretinous murderer poking around in their mouths anyway??Hopefully, his “fame” has done his dental practice no good at all and he’ll lose all his patients and go bankrupt. Meanwhile, like all bullies, he’s a gutless coward who has had to go into hiding……what a hero!!!!

  3. Are you kidding me? What will it take for this guy to be out of business, permanently ??? At this point, Palmer would have to be completely insane to assume that he could continue his so-called practice after the atrocities that he has repeatedly committed. If he really is that insane, then lock him up in a psych ward. If he’s just an evil bastard (the more likely scenario) then close the business, ship his ass back to Africa (where he will face charges) and use him as an example to other heartless poachers.

  4. hopefully this heartless,evil person is very much aware of the millions of people who are wishing for a “FITTING” payback that will put him out of comission for a lifetime!!

  5. Why has this Murderer not been sent back to Zimbabwe to stand in Court like his helpers have.
    He is the one who shot an Arrow into Cecil and then 40 hours later shot him with his Rifle and knew that his Collar was hidden in a tree.
    He broke the Laws of another Country and he should have to go back to face the music…no excuses!!!

  6. Christine Stewart says:

    Clearly this dentist overcharges his clients- how else can he amass so much money to go on his hideous trophy hunts? PLEASE- do not patronize this barbaric man’s dental practice, so that he can no longer afford to shoot animals!

  7. Karen Remnant says:

    I can’t imagine that any sane person would use this practice ever again!

  8. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    This man as well as all hunters are sick barbaric bastards. I hope they all rot in hell.

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