Punish Wool Dealers Accused of Torturing Sheep and Lambs


Target: Minister of Agriculture, Ranching, and Fishing, Carlos Casamiquela

Goal: Punish a ranch that has been accused of torturing sheep and lambs.

A video released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) exposes the torturous lives of lambs and other sheep that are exploited for wool. The revelation exposes a “sustainable” farm that claimed to “responsible source” its wool. Reports indicate that a witness experienced first-hand workers hacking conscious lambs and skinning the animals alive.

These animals were being abused, mutilated and neglected on two Argentine ranches supplying wool to two well-known clothing labels: Patagonia and Stella McCartney. These labels are widely known for their commitment in ethical sourcing and have been using the farm as part of their sustainable wool program.

The witness narrated that workers picked up gentle lambs that were fully conscious and tied their legs together before plunging knives into their throats. The animals’ necks were cut with blood pouring from the wound as they kicked for help.

The workers then proceeded to snap their heads, apparently to break the necks. These workers went ahead and drove knives into the animals’ legs to start skinning even though some lambs were still alive. The animals were finally hacked and their organs carved out of their bodies.

Worse, all this happened in the full view of other lambs. The witness continued to reveal that the other lambs cried out in what seemed like severe distress and terror. The older sheep that were being used for their wool were lined up, dragged away to be sent to slaughter because they were no longer needed.

Without the use of pain relief, tails were cut off and ears mutilated. The workers also placed a tight ring on a lamb’s scrotum. Such rings cut off blood supply to the testicles, causing the death of the animal after several weeks. Though lambs are known to suffer in silence, these animals struggled as much as they could while the workers restrained them.

The sheep underwent brutality that should not be subjected to any animals. Such acts are totally unacceptable in a modern world that appreciates the companion of animals. For this reason, action should be taken against the ranches in question. Sign this petition to support proper punishment for the said farms and their employees for inflicting such horrific violence on innocent animals.


Dear Carlos Casamiquela,

PETA’s video expose of torturous ranches reveals the brutality that some animals undergo in Argentina. The video shows how workers plunge knives into the throats of conscious lambs and skin the animals alive.

This is totally unacceptable from a ranch that claims its wool is “responsibly sourced.” The video shows the utmost cruelty of lambs and sheep, including the docking of tails and castration. Some lambs are stabbed while older sheep are taken to be slaughtered because they are not needed anymore.

Please investigate the practices shown and take stern actions against the ranch and its employees. These actions are utterly unacceptable in 21st-century society that values the companionship of animals. I urge you to act fast and bring the perpetrators to justice before any other innocent animals are subject to such brutal violence.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Emma Jane Hogbin Westby

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  1. Extreme punishments given to the MEN who commit these unspeakable acts upon ANY animal would go a long way in deterring these EVIL beings Suggested punishment?? CASTRATION!!

  2. What’s wrong with these people! — Don’t they recognize mental instability when they see it? — To be cruel, brutal, to living animals, to those who are at our mercy is not only horrific but such acts, such crimes are perpetrated by irrational & psychopathic people, people who LACK rationality, compassion, level-headedness, conscience, morality — clearly, these monsters belong in rubber rooms! — Such savage acts CANNOT and MUST NOT be tolerated — WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?! — WHY DOES SOCIETY ALLOW THEM TO DO THEIR BRUTALITY? — STOP THE IDIOTS NOW!

  3. Swetlana Frei says:

    Why Stella McCartney was not immediately informed about these sadists?
    These facts should be made public immediately! No wonder that these scums, sorry pieces of shit are from Argentina, where human/animal lives have no value at all.
    It is high time that world-known fashion designers like Stella McCartney displays care and interest where wool for her deisigned cloths comes from and how the animals are treated at farms.
    She should be ashamed for these terrific facts and show respect for her famous farther, who supports and protect animals.
    The Argentinian scums should be treated exactly the same way they treat these poor animals.
    It was very good mentioned that “sub-humans are drawn to this work because it allows them to ill-treat and torture innocent”, it means that these scums are mentally sick and should be isolated from society, which would be very difficult to do in a corrupted and lawless Argentina.

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