Praise Designer for Cutting Ties with Cruel Wool Supplier

There is no reason to shear sheep inhumanely.

Target: Stella McCartney, Founder and Creative Director of Stella McCartney Ltd.

Goal: Thank designer for standing up for animal rights by cutting ties with inhumane wool company.

PETA released a shocking video of lambs being mutilated and slaughtered inhumanely by Argentinian wool supplier Ovis 21. ForceChange has already petitioned Patagonia, a major global retailer, to stop using Ovis 21 as one of its wool suppliers. Fortunately, we do not need to petition fashion designer Stella McCartney to do the same. A supporter of PETA, McCartney has already cut ties with the supplier due to its horrific treatment of its wool lambs.

During PETA’s undercover investigation, video captured Ovis 21 workers sawing through the necks of innocent lambs, slitting their throats and killing them. The animals were not sedated or given painkillers. Rather, Ovis 21 workers knelt down and restrained the helpless lambs prior to cutting into their throats, causing the animals horrific and unnecessary suffering.

Many other lambs were skinned alive, mutilated, and the legs of the lambs were stomped on during shearing. The workers sheared the lambs so violently that many of the lambs were left bleeding and injured. This type of inhumane treatment is unnecessary and unthinkable, but fortunately, there are people out there like McCartney who agree.

Praise Stella McCartney for cutting Stella McCartney Ltd.’s ties with Ovis 21. There is no excuse for the inhumane treatment of lambs from the world’s wool suppliers. Shearing lambs can be done humanely, which is beneficial to the supplier and the lambs. Thank Ms. McCartney for taking a stand against the inhumane treatment of animals.


Dear Ms. McCartney,

You have taken a life-long stance for animal rights. You do not use exotic skins, fur or leather in your fashion collections and for that I thank you. Recently, you took an even greater stance in animal rights by cutting your ties with your former wool supplier Ovis 21 after PETA revealed the horrific treatment of its wool lambs.

Thank you, Ms. McCartney, for refusing to work with Ovis 21. You have stepped up to the plate when your competitors have not, and you have given these helpless animals a voice. There needs to be more fashion designers out there who possess your ethical compass.

It’s nice to know that I can purchase your clothing and genuinely know that I am buying cruelty-free and mostly-vegan garments. Thank you for your continued stance in animal rights, for refusing to purchase wool from Ovis 21, and for giving consumers animal-friendly designer options.


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Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture

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  1. Dear MS. McCartney,
    I want to thank you for standing up for the welfare of the poor sheep that are killed merciless. I applaud you greatly for that. I also hope that with your massive followers and especially celebrities, that you could maybe stop the heinous slaughter of baby seals. It is a sight that would bring anyone with a heart to tears. They helicopter in and then start beating the little fur babies with a CLUB until their dead. It’s like the holocaust except with those beautiful babies being killed and skinned and left to rot. Please do not use the fur and please spread the word to your clients as well and your counter-parts in the industry. Thank you and may God Bless you for doing this.

  2. Are you KIDDING me?! She should never have been dealing in animal CO-products in the first place, given her father’s own role modeling! How could she even be ignorant of what that whole wool industry is up to?!?! She’s clearly a MORON!

    So no, I will NOT “praise” such a stupid woman, for willingly pulling the proverbial wool over her OWN eyes! Is she ALSO dealing in dead animal skins, the silk from killed silkworms, the “cashmere” from killed goats, “angora” from tortured and killed rabbits, and other such animal co-products as well?

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