Stop Offering Cash Bounties for Killed and Mutilated Beavers

Target: Scott Hixson, District Attorney for Horry County

Goal: Demand an end to Horry County’s sponsored beaver killing program.

South Carolina officials of Horry County have started a program—the Horry County Stormwater Department’s Beaver Bounty—which encourages residents to kill and mutilate beavers in their natural habitats. Even worse, Horry County residents are being incentivized to dismember these animals—as county officials are offering $100 for each pair of front paws brought to them. When inquired further about methods by which to kill the beavers, the Horry County Stormwater Department’s Watershed Planner, Chelsea Cogliano, responded that residents could shoot them, or kill them by whatever other means necessary.

This program has been started due to frustrations relating to flooding in local areas caused by dams, which beavers build as shelters for them and their families. Animals are not ours to kill when they become an inconvenience for us. If we want to blame someone for flooding—such as the recent, monstrous floods of Yellowstone National Park—we should point our fingers at our own selves.

Animal mutilation and death should never be encouraged. Sign this petition to demand an end to this gruesome program and stop destroying beavers and their homes.


Dear District Attorney Hixson,

Horry County officials have sponsored a morbid program which incentivizes residents to kill and dismember innocent animals. The Horry County Stormwater Department’s Beaver Bounty is rewarding residents with $100 for each pair of beaver’s front paws they successfully cut off and bring in. Officials are not regulating the means by which these animals are killed, and have told inquiring residents to kill the beavers by whatever means necessary, and advised using a saw or knife to cut off their paws.

This initiative started after mounting frustrations resulting from flooding issues caused by beaver dams. The dams that beavers build, however, are used as shelter for them and their families. What right do we have to deny an animal of its natural built home? Us humans are responsible for worse floods than these, and it is time we stop encouraging the abuse of animals simply because they are an inconvenience to us.

We are asking you, Mr. Hixen, to demand an end to this vicious program and stop incentivizing people to senselessly kill wild animals.


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  1. Mr. Hixon. I am late to sign this petition due to vacation. I’m home now. I am devistated with the people of your area wanting to kill beavers and cut off their paws for money. Disgusting and ignorant. Just today I read people in fire areas f a coyote states out west are importing beavers to hoe they build dams and can use water sources for more available water in the western states including CA. Here you are allowing residents to kill all beavers in sight by any means and the more torture the better, at least by what I read of your instructions. I swear we the people want it our way or we just kill. We seem to be stupid, blood thirsty monsters. All the while the beavers may be able to help with the fire situation. They will end up hers and all you folk will have egg on your face. Show some compassion and find a place out west for the beavers. People there want them! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

  2. Asking your residents to torture and kill defenseless animals for pay is beyond sick, that’s third world thinking at best. There are ways to mitigate beaver damage (if there really is any damage) that do not include horrific and sadistic methods like you’re promoting. Shame on South Carolina for being worse than China.

  3. SYLVIA VEGAS says:


  4. Milantia Roy says:

    We all the undersigned, are asking you, Mr. Hixen, to demand an end to this vicious program and stop incentivizing people to senselessly kill wild animals.
    Thank you!

  5. Edgar H. Zamalloa, says:

    i thought this ‘abominable practice’ had already be banned ,,,
    Incredible, Insane!

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