Prevent Millions of Birds From Dying in Collisions With Buildings

Target: Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader of the United States Senate

Goal: Pass the Bird Safe Buildings Act to prevent bird fatalities and protect national avian biodiversity.

Human urban development has threatened thousands of species throughout the world, whether it be through habitat destruction, vehicular collisions, or other means. For birds capable of flight, manmade infrastructure presents a totally unique problem as well. Each year, an estimated 1 billion birds die in the U.S. due to building collisions, unable to withstand the severe trauma and brain damage of the impact.

A bill has been passed by the House which would help reduce the amount of fatalities caused by bird-building collisions. The Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act would require the Administrator of General Services to incorporate a series of features and practices–including adding some sort of netting or a secondary facade to glass buildings–to cushion birds upon impact, as well as to make birds aware of the buildings in the first place.

Sign this petition to demand that the Senate supports this bill and does their part to protect national bird biodiversity.


Dear Senator Schumer,

Nearly one third of American bird species are currently endangered, and human built infrastructure is playing a large part in the decimation of these populations. Each year, an estimated 1 billion birds die in the U.S. from colliding with buildings. The sheer number of fatalities caused by bird collisions with public buildings has a significant impact on national biodiversity, and actions must soon be taken to stop these easily preventable deaths.

The U.S. House has passed a bill—the Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act–to help permanently reduce these collisions. This cost-neutral legislation would require the Administrator of General Services to “bird proof” buildings by developing and implementing strategies and features which would decrease the frequency of fatal bird-building collisions. For example, glass buildings would have to have some sort of netting or a secondary facade to soften collision blows.

We are asking you, Mr. Schumer, to support the Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act and to preserve national avian biodiversity.


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Photo Credit: Jusezam

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  1. To build a building requires a plan, excision of the plan and then the building. But buildings no matter how new, how beautiful, how modern can be death traps!!!

    If all buildings had bird decals we would save millions of birds each year.
    Most birds migrate through our cities and don’t understand or appreciate the architect’s talent. Birds can safely fly if we provide a few ways by which they can see and navigate. Let’s do it and listen to the birds sing.

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