Stop the Legal Stabbing to Death of Innocent Sharks

Target: Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida

Goal: Stop the senseless killing and harvesting of sharks, and ensure violators are punished.

In yet another display of human cruelty, recently released footage shows two men dragging a black-tip shark from the water and stabbing the innocent animal in the head with a knife. And, worst of all, they seem to have fun while doing it. This incident, which took place on a beach in Florida, has been deemed “totally legal” by Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission public information officer, Chad Weber, even though black-tip populations are on steady decline and are near threatened. Despite the horrifically graphic video and pleasure these two despicable men seem to take in killing the poor shark, there is no chance of prosecution because in the state of Florida, it is 100% legal to harvest black-tip sharks in such a manner.

Currently, humans are responsible for killing an estimated 70-100 million sharks per year. At this rate, sharks will be totally extinct before the year 2040. These animals are not only amazing in their own right, but they also serve an extremely important role in ocean ecosystems. As apex predators, sharks are responsible for helping to regulate the food chain beneath them. If sharks become extinct, our oceans don’t stand a chance.

Sign this petition to demand changes to laws that currently allow the senseless killing of sharks in Florida.


Dear Governor DeSantis,

Recent footage has been released to the public depicting two men violently dragging an innocent black-tip shark from the water, and subsequently stabbing it in the head with a knife. The men involved in the incident, which took place on a beach in Florida, looked rather pleased with themselves as they senselessly killed the poor, unsuspecting animal in what officers have deemed a “totally legal” action.

Worldwide, humans kill an estimated 70-100 million sharks every year. This means that by 2040, sharks–which have ancestors dating back 450 million years–may be completely extinct. And, if sharks–the ocean’s apex predators, helping to control populations of all animals beneath them in the food web–go extinct, we will not be far behind.

We are asking you, Mr. DeSantis, to make changes to current laws that permit the senseless killing and harvesting of sharks throughout the state of Florida.


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Photo Credit: Nom d’util

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