Ban Killing Defenseless Animals


Target: David Perdue, United States Senator and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Conservation, Forestry and Natural Resources

Goal: Outlaw hunting ranches in the United States that fence in animals and make them completely helpless.

Exotic and endangered animals are sold to ranches to be slaughtered by hunters, according to the Humane Society of the United States. If something is not done to stop this, many more animals will be shot in cold blood.

People often pay to shoot animals at these ranches–also known as canned hunting ranches–for the sole purpose of hanging a prize on the wall. Hunting practices used at these places are so pathetic that ranch operators guarantee all paying customers will take home a kill. If that is not bad enough, oftentimes animals are coaxed to run or walk in the direction where hunters are waiting.

One such ranch operator even admitted on camera that he tranquilized the animals, since people paid him to hunt on his ranch. Just as bad, he stated that one of the animals had a bounty on its head, likely indicating there is a reward for killing animals considered to be more of a nuisance to ranch property owners. When one considers these animals are kept in fenced-in areas, such practices become even more deplorable.

Sign this petition and ask Congress to ban all canned hunting ranches in the United States. Animals do not deserve to be senselessly killed by individuals who need an instant ego boost.


Dear Senator Perdue,

The Humane Society of the United States found that many exotic and endangered animals are bought and sold to ranches for the purpose of being hunted by people who pay to kill them. If this practice is not banned, many more innocent animals will soon cease to exist.

Nothing about this type of hunting requires skill, as customers are guaranteed to go home with a kill. Animals are usually urged by ranch operators to wander toward the hunters. The animals are even sometimes tranquilized so they are not able to easily get away, and they are kept inside fenced-in areas.

Since animals are not being killed to either feed starving people or to clothe people who may die unless they are able to use animal skin for warmth, it is disgusting that these ranches are still legal to operate in 30 states. For all of these reasons, I encourage you to highly suggest to other congressional members that these ranches be immediately closed down and made illegal. No animal deserves to be killed by a fraudulent hunter who selfishly does so solely for bragging rights.


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Photo Credit: Scott Bauer

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  1. shot the fuking hunters i reckon

  2. I am very surprised that the residents of the US jumped up and down about Cecil, but turn a blind eye about canned hunting in their own country, not to mention the Killing Wildlife Contests!!

    • You are so right. Humans are so hypocritical. This is extremely shameful. Hunters make me sick. I wish we could pass law that it is murder to kill any animal. It seems that it is not okay to kill another human being. However, it is okay to kill other living species. This makes no sense whatsoever. We are all the same, we breathe air, need to eat food to survive, have emotions, think, etc. There is nothing different. Hunters are nothing but murderers. Low lifes.

  3. Hunting is nothing but murder. Why is murder legal? This “sport” only appeals to pea-brained inadequates who are pathetic nobodies with low self esteem who can only feel “Big” with a gun in their hand. Knuckle dragging Neanderthals who never moved out of the Stone Age.

  4. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    The whole world responded with disgust when an American citizen killed a tame lion, and yet our elected officials sit on their hands when the same thing is happening daily in our own country. Buncha out-of-touch phonies.

  5. michael guest says:

    This is too brutal and cruel. Animals don’t deserve to suffer or be killed in an unnecessary way. Get these banned and shut them down for good!

  6. Stan Benton says:

    It’s an uphill battle, as many “hunters” feel these actions prove them “macho”. And one of my idiot U.S. Senators has even explained to me how the price of hunting licenses helps to protect the environment. (But even he doesn’t claim the lead bullets do any good, or the “accidental” killing of livestock, pets, or endangered species.)

  7. More than ever, I am convinced that man is the worst animal on this planet. Only the animal lovers and care-givers are deserving of their place on Earth – they are the only true human beings. The rest can be anathema!

    • Marie Tahergorabi says:

      Women,You are being played; Eliminate Patriarchy. What have you Spawned? Gender-Select for Females. China & India, the two most populated countries, gender-select for MALES. Science can help, but it needs to be cheaper.

  8. Deborah Craig says:

    This petition is aimed to animal lovers, when the problem is the MILLIONS of guns in USA, and gun owners who feel the need to shoot at Something, Anything. Capitalism at its best: ranchers need (more) money, gun owners need to shoot — bring the two together and, rats, too bad for the animals, but perhaps better them than shooting people in movie theatres?

  9. Trophy hunting, along with canned hunting, should NOT be permitted at all costs. If someone wishes to be entertained, animals, live animals, should NOT be used — I find this immoral, cruel & unconscionable. THE HORROR INFLICTED ON THESE MAGNIFICENT ANIMALS IS BEYOND THE PALE — SHAME ON ALL OF YOU — What’s more, hunting, trophy or otherwise, should be banned and not permitted EVER! WHO IS IN CHARGE? — WHERE ARE OUR ELECTED AUTHORITIES?

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